Flour Power: The Story of a Baker’s Passion

Flour Power: The Story of a Baker’s Passion

SNU dining has some of the best desserts around, and they are all made by none other than Ms. Amanda. Not only is she the best at baking, but she is also a woman of many talents, previously working as a kitchen manager at The Local. She has also been an electrician, served in the military for 8 years, was a manager at a craft store, and was a truck driver, but she says cooking was always her passion. She is known across the campus for having a wide variety of delicious treats for us to eat during breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This makes a lot of sense because when asked about her favorite thing about working at SNU she said, “The creativity. I don’t have a set menu I have to follow, and my supervisors allow me to be creative…so I come in, look to see what I have, and I just make food, and I like that. I don’t have to make other people’s recipes; I get to make my own recipes.” 

Another thing about Ms. Amanda is that she’s always engaging with students with a smile on her face and loves feedback, good or bad. She humbly said that what separates her from other employees is, “My passion. I am very passionate about food, especially creating delicious food…and my experience also. I have such varied experience, and I’ve done a lot of the positions that are in this kitchen. My work here can sometimes include just playing around.” This is a true testament to how talented she actually is.

Many people at SNU agree that Ms. Amanda is a great asset to SNU. SNU grad student Telanio Evans says, “I have been here for a long time, and the desserts have never been this good. I go to the cafe every morning after working out with football, and I almost always grab a cinnamon roll before I grab my oatmeal and eggs.” Undergraduate student José Ramos shared the same sentiment saying, “She is so kind and attentive. Her chocolate muffins are my favorite; they are always delicious after a tasty breakfast.”

Make sure to stop by the cafeteria and grab one of Ms. Amanda’s sweet desserts today and tell her you appreciate her!


Photo by Jamauri Johnson