Campus Question: SNU Security van

QUESTION: “Why did security switch from using the blue SUV to the van? How has this affected gas usage? Are there any plans to change the vehicle in the future?”

ANSWER: “There are several reasons we have gone to the use of the van as opposed to the SUV.

1) The SUV has been regulated to back up duty because it’s age and continuing mechanical difficulties.

2) The van was being rotated out of the van pool and we decided to move it to Security because it would be more cost effective to do this than to go out and purchase a newer vehicle.  We feel this, along with the van being a  much more dependable vehicle, offsets the difference in fuel cost.

3) The van has an area in the rear that is large enough to accommodate equipment we keep on hand for parking and other needs.

There are plans to have the van re-lettered this summer to make it more identifiable.”

–Johnny Stubbs, Director of Safety & Security/Transportation