Garrett crowned “The Man” on night of videos, talents, improv

ake Garrett poses with his escort, Allison Pardue (Photo by Brad Crofford).

By Macy Sliman, Staff Writer

This past Friday, the biennial (every other year) event called Who’s the Man? took place. Who’s the Man? is an entertainment show specifically for the men of SNU to showcase what they’ve got.

The students and the SGA council selected two men from each grade to participate. After a barrage of humorous covered music videos, nail-biting improvisation acts and extraordinary talents specific to each contestant, the audience along with the three judges, decided which man had what it took to be The Man.

The show was well-attended, according to SGA president Zach Bond.

“It was more [than usual] because we had those College Days kids in attendance. It was a good crowd,” Bond said.

The show started off with a smartly choreographed piece introducing each man and his escort of choice. From the freshmen class were Felipe Simoes with Mallory Redwine and Demarkie Roy with Brooke Williams. Andrew Leahey and Steve Stark represented the sophomore class with their escorts Angela Zanotti and Charlotte Wilczek, respectively. The junior class was represented by Jake Garrett with his date Allison Purdue and Ben Siems with his niece. And last but not least, Chase Howard with Kara Pirog for the senior class. (Senior Trey Cloud did not participate due to being sick.)

After the introduction, four men presented their music videos and their talents. Ben was the first to present his video of his rendition of Taylor Swift and then his walkthrough of the “History of the Alma Mater.”

Sadly, Cloud was ill and unable to attend, but the audience enjoyed his country music video despite his absence.

Next, was Steve Stark with his version of Justin Timberlake and a magnificent Violin/Dubstep mix.

Simoes’ music video was a “manly” rap battle and his talent was a live fruit ninja demonstration.

Following the first three men were the set of improv acts which showcased the men’s quick wit and humor in a few outlandishly funny situations. Each man did wonderfully at this and offered the crowd a few good laughs. Due to Cloud being sick, one act of improv was left. Previous winner Carson Calloway was called from the crowd to participate. His genius reaction to a “pregnant wife’s cravings” sent the audience into a fit of laughter.

Former “Who’s The Man?” winners Christopher Holcomb (left), David Bond (center) and Carson Calloway (right) served as honorary judges. (Photo by Brad Crofford)

After the last improv was complete, the last four men performed fearlessly. Howard was entertaining in his “She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy” and then his Native American interpretive dance.

Roy presented a battle rap between “Obama” and “Romney” as well as performing his own original rap.

Leahey followed with his version of “Thrift Shop” and then wowed the audience with a daring escape from tight ropes while facing down a crossbow.

To end the video and acts, Garrett charmed the audience with his “Farmer’s Daughter” and a slew of exotic animals, including a kangaroo.

Wrapping up the show, the encore act consisted of last year’s LipSync winners performing Titanic. The show ended with the crowning of this year’s man: Jake Garrett.