Coping with College

Coping with College

The transition into college life can be a rollercoaster ride. Whether you’re a freshman trying to navigate newfound independence, new environments, and the pursuit of personal growth, or a seasoned senior preparing to graduate and embark on a whole new chapter in your life, there is always a need for guidance while navigating this part in your life. All these changes you are undergoing can bring along stress or anxiety, along with the pressures of trying to uphold a social life, academics, athletics, or extracurricular activities. There are several strategies you can use in order to cope with being a college student and keep your mental health and well-being in check as you navigate your educational journey. 

One strategy you can use is staying connected with others who make you feel a sense of peace, belonging, and happiness. Being around people who care about you and make you feel comfortable, can help you decrease the stress you might feel. In times of stress, don’t allow yourself to isolate yourself from others, as this might be the very best time for you to reconnect and lean on those who love and care about you to help lift you up in a moment of feeling low. 

Another strategy is to prioritize your self-care. The more busy you get in college, the more likely you are to forget about taking care of yourself. Self-care might mean taking a break from your college life to engage in activities that you love, or just to get needed rest and relaxation. This gives your mind a chance to reset and relax. Another way you can prioritize your self-care is by simply getting enough sleep. You might think pulling an all-nighter regularly to study or finish your homework will be beneficial for you, but in the long run, the negative effects of a lack of sleep will catch up to you in harmful ways. So, having a self-care plan can be very helpful in keeping your well-being on track and paving the way for your success. 

If you are feeling unhealthy levels of anxiety or stress or just want a professional that you can talk to about any of your struggles, seeking help is a way to better understand the symptoms or emotions you may be experiencing. Southern Nazarene University offers an affordable service, Renew Counseling, that you can utilize in order to help manage the overwhelming emotions that you might be feeling with college life. Taking care of your mental health is a major step in coping with college. Getting help through these services is nothing to be ashamed of and is a service that can be beneficial for you even outside of college life.

The journey through college life is indeed a rollercoaster ride filled with changes, challenges, and many opportunities to experience personal growth. No matter your age or the amount of experience you have in college, it is essential to prioritize your mental health and well-being throughout your entire journey as a student. With these strategies or any other strategies you learn along the way, you can begin to improve your college life or continue to make this chapter of your life the most exciting years yet.


Photo by SNU Creative