Micah Community Movement

Micah Community Movement

The Micah Community Movement was created by theology professor, Doug Forsberg, to help contribute to SNU’s surrounding community. This project was created last year after Professor Forberg found out the devastating statistic that Oklahoma has the highest rate of homelessness. Since the Micah Community Movement’s creation, it has been helping contribute to the community of Oklahoma by providing supplies and food to the homeless population in central OKC.

Students from SNU have been volunteering to help serve the homeless, the elderly at Southern Plaza, and others who don’t have people who visit them in their time of need. Chase Turbyfill and Dylan Gann are both SNU juniors who have been helping with this project for close to a year.

Turbyfill describes the Micah Community Movement by saying, “It’s a movement where we help the homeless. The book of the prophet Micah was an inspiration to the community name. We take care of the homeless and the elderly.” Gann added, “The Micah Project is a non-profit volunteer movement group. Our primary goal is to help and serve our community in many different ways and to make a positive impact in their lives. Our focus is worshiping and ministering to our homeless and elderly community.

Professor Forsberg has announced that he’ll be retiring next year, but he will still be the leader of The Micah Community. Furthermore, he will have more time to focus his passions on the community. 

When asked about student involvement in the community, Turbyfill responded, “We as college students are becoming involved in the community by serving the large homeless population in
Oklahoma and helping the elderly by giving them company.” Gann added, “There are many projects that we are involved in that help the community. We have a team that goes over to the assisted living homes at Southern Plaza once a week on Monday at 6:00 p.m. Their group plays board games with the residents there and just enjoys talking and connecting with the residents to brighten everyone’s day. We also have a group that goes downtown to a safe area near a few of the night shelters. They have cooked food, water/soda, clothes, sleeping bags, and other goodies and resources they need.” 

Students can contribute to the Micah Community Project in many ways. Turbyfill states, “Students can help by donating clothes and volunteering. To donate, meet Professor Forsberg in the Religion Building.” Gann concluded, “For students who want to join and help volunteer with any of our events, I would encourage them to show up to either of our events. Students can also donate items of clothes, snacks, water bottles, and other resources as well! 

The Micah Community Project meets almost every Sunday at 3:00 p.m. in the Religion Building Room 106. Starting November 5th, they will be passing out hoodies, sweaters, and coats to the homeless downtown in addition to the regular goodie bags, drinks, and hamburgers. With this growing movement, Professor Forsberg could use more willing volunteers (and extra pickup trucks). The Micah Community Project also meets every Monday at 6:30 p.m. at Southern Plaza to talk and interact with the elderly who reside there.

To learn more and get involved in Micah, email Professor Forsberg at dforsber@snu.edu. If you feel inclined to donate directly to the movement, you can send donations to PO Box 945, Bethany, Oklahoma. Photo by Bethany Crouch

Pictured: Professor Forsberg and students grilling hotdogs and hamburgers.

Photo by Bethany Crouch

Pictured: SNU students Logan Bell and Jairo Quiroz volunteering

Photo by Bethany Crouch

Pictured: Students setting up camp to get ready to serve



All Photos Courtesy of Bethany Crouch