Fall: The Season That Trumps All

Fall: The Season That Trumps All

Picture this: you are watching the steam rise from your favorite warm beverage as you sit in your comfiest sweater. Fallen leaves of beautiful colors greet your feet from the ground every time you take a step, and the sun hangs cheerfully in the sky while the birds chirp and the squirrels scatter. You are pleasantly chilled throughout the day because the weather is at its best condition for sustaining life. It’s fall, y’all.

The weather in Oklahoma has always given its residents something to discuss. We are used to starting the year off with all kinds of ice, then it’s spring and we’re running from tornadoes. Fall comes along and it’s a breath of fresh, crisp air; it is a safe place before winter gets rough. On campus, fall is great because you can walk from class to class and not sweat; you can also avoid the skin stuck-to-seat dilemma, and you have no itching mosquito bites to deal with. Those are just a few things that make fall greater than summer.

In case you need more reason to believe that fall is greater than summer, I have compiled a list of the top five best things that happen in the fall. It has been a year since these events have come around, so I understand if you have possibly forgotten how great they are. If so, no worries. I will review their highlights. Here they are in no particular order:

Halloween: Halloween is fun and games for all ages. What you can look forward to as a college student is the opportunity to get free food from participating restaurants for wearing a costume.

Thanksgiving: Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to get together with family and have a huge meal. I like to call it a rehearsal dinner for Christmas.

Sports: All kinds of indoor sports begin in the fall which are fun to participate in or cheer on. Football is enjoyed throughout the season as well.

Pumpkin: If you don’t like a food item that is pumpkin-flavored, a food that has pumpkin in it or just a pumpkin decoration on it (I’m talking about those fantastic Pillsbury sugar cookies), then you have not tried enough things. You should be more like Kenna Wise, junior, who loves to carve pumpkins as well as eat them.

Weather: I cannot say enough about the weather and neither can other students. Amanda Anderson, sophomore, says fall weather is perfect because “it’s not freezing, but it’s not hot,” which is a splendid way to emphasize just how grand the weather in the fall season is.

It is my hope that with all this talk of things to come in the upcoming season, you are feeling as excited as I am to experience one of God’s greatest gifts to our world. Call it fall or call it autumn, but there is no other time like it.

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