Fishing Spots Near SNU

Fishing Spots Near SNU

Fall is fast approaching, so all the hot days are coming to an end. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to get what is left of the warm weather before everything starts to cool down. Fishing is a nice way to be outside, getting rid of some stress, having fun and not worrying about anything. There are quite a few places near Southern Nazarene University (SNU) where fishing is nice and convenient.

Lake Overholser, which is located about a mile west of campus, is the closest place. It is a big lake that offers many areas to fish, covering 2.3 square miles of water, seven miles of shore line and, on the east side of the lake, is the Canadian River. Water clarity is not the best, but it does have a lot of potential. There is a walking and biking trail all along the lake and picnic areas in the northern and western sides of the lake.

The second closest body of water is Dolese Youth Park Pond. It is not a big area compared to Overholser. It is a family friendly area with disc golf, a walking trail and a kids’ park, which are all right next to the pond. Some people do not like it because of the area, and others say that there are not too many big fish around. Because of its close proximity to Putnam City High School and the surrounding neighborhoods, there is always a crowd. So, it may not be the quietest option. 

The third place is the best place to fish in the OKC area: Lake Hefner. Slightly larger than Overholser at about 3.8 square miles, Lake Hefner is only a 15 minute drive away. The water is clear with tons of nice fish around. The lake is rated 4.6 stars according to Google reviews. It is a clean and quiet place with many picnic areas, a golf course, walking and biking trail, different piers and restaurants such as Mama Roja Mexican Kitchen and Hefner Grill. 

All of these places are open year-round. If fishing is not your thing, there are still different things to do at the lakes like walking, playing sports or just enjoying the outdoors. Just go outside and enjoy the warm air because once winter comes, most people might be wishing that it was warm again. Cabin-fever season is coming slowly but surely.

(Photo by Hunter Brumels on Unsplash)