Five Spotify Playlists for Your Study Break

Five Spotify Playlists for Your Study Break

There are thousands of playlists on Spotify, but what are some of the best playlists for studying? I’m going to find out so you don’t have to spend hours searching. I am currently listening to the different playlists that I am about to share with you as I am writing this! If you are someone who listens to music while studying, I encourage you to give this article a read and see for yourself if these playlists are some of the best. I decided to share the top five playlists from Spotify so you can decide on your own.

Spotify has so many playlists it would take forever to get through all of them, but that is the beauty of it. There are so many different genres and playlists that there is something for everyone. The first playlist to make the list would be “Brain Food” by Spotify. It has some soft electronic vibes to help you study and relax. Most of the songs do not have words, so you are not going to be tempted to sing along and get distracted. 

Another playlist to make this list is “Totally Stress Free.” This playlist contains stress-free, upbeat songs that will relax you. If you are relaxed you will be less stressed, resulting in a better study session. Most of these songs contain lyrics, but they make you feel happy and melt away your stress. There are 100 songs to listen to on this playlist, so you will have plenty to choose from.

“Intense Studying” makes the list because of its calming piano music. If you need soothing music to help you study, this is the playlist to listen to. Instrumental music is great to listen to during your study session because it helps you focus and can help take your distractions away. This playlist is almost nine hours long, so you won’t have to worry about songs repeating.

If you are a lover of all things jazz, I have a playlist that is right up your alley. “Jazz for Study” has over nine hours of instrumental jazz music to keep you focused during your study session. Jazz can be a great genre of music to listen to while studying because of the serenity you experience when you listen to it.

Finally, if you are looking for a more upbeat/hip-hop playlist while still needing to focus on studying, “Focus Flow” is the playlist you are looking for. It has an upbeat vibe but is all instrumental so it is easier to focus while still being fun and calming. With this playlist being over seven hours you can be sure you will not run out of songs for your study session. 

Although all of these playlists are intended to help you focus on your studying and homework, some people work better without music, and that is okay! You should decide for yourself whether music helps or hinders your study sessions. Personally, I get distracted easily if I do not have my headphones in with music playing, but that is not for everyone. If music helps you like it helps me though, these playlists are a great place to start.