What Will Chapel Look Like Next Semester?

What Will Chapel Look Like Next Semester?

We are quickly approaching the end of this semester with only a month left! This past year we have altered what our Christian Formation credits will look like, but there will be some changes coming next semester. SNU Spiritual Life is leaning toward a more  normal operation next semester, but it all depends on CDC guidelines.

Abbigail Jarantowski, a sophomore at SNU, says “I think chapel should be required. It is a Chrisitan school and I am glad we get the chance to hear from different people every week.” She was also asked if she thinks 25 credits is too many for a student to complete in one semester. Jarantowski says, “I think it can be hard for people to get 25 credits in, but not impossible. I think 20 is more fair.” 

SNU’s Campus Pastor, Dr. Blair Spindle answered some commonly asked student questions. One of the most asked questions is about the number of Christian Formation credits SNU students will have to complete next year. Dr. Spindle says, “We will go back to 25 required Christian Formation Credits per semester. We will offer 50 opportunities to achieve these 25 credits.”

Another largely asked question was about the iAttended app. It has been an option to watch chapel the past two semesters on phones instead of going in person. Dr. Spindle says, “We were so grateful to have the iAttended app to stream chapel during the Covid crisis. However, we will not be using the app to stream chapel for credit.” He also talks about how the purpose of chapel is “to bring the community together for communal worship.” 

The last thing students are wondering about is if we are going back to BFC next semester? The answer is yes. We are going to be back at BFC on Tuesdays. Occasionally there will be gatherings in Herrick, but Thursday’s will mostly be Canvas Discussions and Small Groups. Kingdom Come and Kerygma will still be offered next semester for Christian Formation Credits.

SNU hopes that we will be able to go back to normal next year, including chapel. Come out to enjoy chapel in person and connect with your community. Kingdom Come and Kerygma are also going on this semester, so come out and support your friends!