How The SNU Worship Band Prepares for Chapel

How The SNU Worship Band Prepares for Chapel

Chapel is a great place for everyone to come together, take a break from class, and worship God’s praises. Worship is a special environment where we sing and become connected to God, and all of that is thanks to the amazing worship band. Each band member from the vocals to the instruments plays an important role when it comes to worship

Watching the worship band play live to everyone may look like it’s easy to them, but in reality, it’s not. To hear from a few band members’ perspectives, I interviewed Madelynn Hada and Zachary Hall on the topic. Hada responded, “My biggest challenge is that I’m a perfectionist, and I get caught up in how well I sing.” Hall added, “I would say the biggest challenge for myself is continuing to worship even when people in the building might not be worshiping. It’s something that happens all the time, whether you are in church or chapel.” Hall included, “There are always going to be a few people who aren’t into it. You have to lead them and show them that it’s not about singing or raising your hands, but more about lifting up your praises to God.”

Worship band members are bound to face challenges when they perform, however, it’s unknown how many hours of practice and memorization go into worship. For input, I asked Hada and Hall how they prepare for worship. Hada responded, “I always mentally prepare by praying before a set, and I don’t drink or eat beforehand.” Hall added, “Really this is a loaded question. Not only do you have to prepare yourself for the music aspect, but in a spiritual aspect as well. You want to make sure you know the music and play it well, but you also have to walk on stage with the mindset and the heart posture that you aren’t playing for the people in the congregation but solely for God.” Hall concluded, “It takes a lot of prayer, practice, and intentionality.”

Worship is a great way to bring everyone together and create an environment for Christians to praise the Lord, and the band is a big factor in creating that environment. Each band member performing on stage has their reasons for why they are performing to hundreds of students at SNU. Hada states, “I grew up singing with my Mom before I started doing it by myself in 5th grade.” Hall added, “For me, it is a calling that God put on my life. It is my way of glorifying God with the gifts that he has given me. I got into it because he gave me the ability to play and sing, so it is my duty to do that in a way that gives him the glory.”

Worship can create a safe environment for many people to sing their praises to God and help individuals have a one-on-one with God through worship, so I asked Hada and Hall why they think worship is important for students. Hada added, “I think it brings students to a better understanding of their faith. Certain songs can make you get connected with God and dive deeper into your faith.” Hada included, “Worship is where I feel closer to God, so I hope the same for others.” Hall added, “I feel that the major impact of Chapel is the fact that students see people they relate to, and people that are their age up there worshiping intentionally.”

In conclusion, I asked Hada and Hall which song resonates with them whenever they perform. Hada responded, “‘Give me Jesus’ by Epperoom,” while Hall stated,  “I would have to say the song that resonates with me is ‘Make Room.’ I love the message it presents.”

Each band member is impactful in strengthening someone’s relationship with God and leading in communal praise. If you want to meet some of the band members, you can visit them at the Webster basement in the club leaders’ office or even audition yourself for the chapel band in the upcoming fall semester. 


Photo by SNU Creative