Job Opportunity for Students: BFC’s After School Program

Job Opportunity for Students: BFC’s After School Program

Are you looking for a job? Do you prefer being on campus, near your classes, and near your dorm? Bethany First Church, or BFC, has a After School Program and is currently hiring! In fast, most of the staff onboard are SNU Students.

BFC’s After School Program has two separate buildings, including an elementary and a middle school building. Which building you apply for should be based on your skills. If you think you would be best with children ranging from kindergarten age to third grade, elementary would be for you! Middle school, alternatively, runs from fourth to eighth grade.

The After School Program at BFC cooperated directly with Bethany Schools. The program provides help with homework, teaches new games, and creates learning opportunities for a other plethora of other activities. Not only does working at BFC’s After School Program give the opportunity for workers to develop meaningful friendships between coworkers and directors, but it also allows for you to provide mentorship to the children in attendance. They really look forward to seeing the staff everyday!

Kellen Escoe, a site director for the middle school, has been working with the After School Program for five years. He started as a teacher then moved up to the director position. He had quite a bit to say about why this job opportunity is great for students at SNU!

“It is right next to campus (in walking distance), has very flexible hours, and gives great experience,” says Escoe. “The kids play games, eat snacks, do homework, watch movies, and run around in the gym.”

However, workers are more than able to have fun too! Card games are often played at the After School Program, and Escoe has his own personal favorite.

“Definitely Egyptian Ratscrew. Hands down,” says Escoe.

Brooke Keoppel is the After School Programs Lead Director and is a SNU alumni. Like Escoe, she also recommends it to students looking for work!

“It is a great job for a college student because of how close it is in location to SNU Campus. It also is very flexible and the hours are set so they can structure their schedule around their work schedule,” says Keoppel.

And while the program certainly has a host of benefits for SNU students looking to be employed, the ones served most by the After School Program are the kids.

“We like to try to address each student as a whole,” says Keoppel. “We want to nourish them physically by exercise, spiritually by student small groups/chapel, and mentally by giving them and safe space to be in. We try to have activities that each child will enjoy, so having a variety of options is important to our directors.”A poster with an apple icon that reads "After School Program" and in subtext "BFC Neighborhood Ministry"

And as for Keoppel’s favorite card game, she love to play Sevens.

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Photo by Bethany First Church of the Nazarene

Featured Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash