Jobs for international Students

Jobs for international Students

“What to do if I’m graduating and I’m an international student?” There are a few options to choose from. It is a serious and scary question for most of those who want to find a job in the U.S. and work legally.

Most schools have an international director, who is informed in all those processes and procedures for international students. There are two directions which international students can choose from after mortarboard.

What is OPT? This abbreviation might not mean much for those who are just about to embark on the path of future employment. OPT is Optional Practical Training, which is temporary employment.

According to the rules, OPT directly refers to F-1 visa carriers. Under those circumstances, students should apply for the OPT 60 days before graduation. Also, after graduation, students should apply for the position according to the major which they graduated with. Furthermore, OPT allows you to stay up to 29 months. However, usually OPT gives you 12 months of training.

“Well, the problem after OPT is that almost no one gives as  high competition,” said Viktoriia Lukinova, graduate from Southern Nazarene University.

The company that you are going to work for should be registered in USCIS, which stands for the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Here might arise the following question: what would be the application process of participation in pre- or post-completion OPT? First step would be requesting the Designated School Official (DSO). The next step is going to be filing Form I-765, Application for EAD, with USCIS. In the case of approvement, USCIS will issue an EAD to the student. After all these steps students may start to engage in pre- or post-completion OPT.

How does one get an extension of 17-months? Basically, the degree that you received ought to be included in the STEM Designated Degree Program List. Here is a link to the STEM Designated Degree Program List.

Do you have Questions? They have Answers! This link will provide some answers according to the topic.

“Optional Practical Training is a great way for international students to get 12 months of work experience that is related to their degree field. Many international students choose to continue with a Masters degree or apply for an H-1B Work Visa once their employment is complete,” said Rachel Graves, International Director at Southern Nazarene University.

If you any questions about that you may contact Rachel Graves. Also, you may find any information in the ling below .

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