Let Your Voice Be Heard at Town Hall

Let Your Voice Be Heard at Town Hall

Attention Southern Nazarene University students! For those of you who want to make your voices heard and questions known, the next Town Hall meeting is for you! Historically, SNU’s Town Hall meetings have been a way for students to communicate and dialogue with administrators, and that of Tuesday, November 8th will be no different.

Tuesday night’s Town Hall will feature various members of the Administrative Cabinet on a panel. Those in attendance will be Dr. Keith Newman, Dr. Mike Redwine, Dr. Scott Strawn, Dr. Marian Redwine, Dr. Lena Crouso, Dr. Tim Eades, and Rev. Larry Morris. Each Cabinet member oversees differing areas and can address different questions the students might have. You can find more information about each of the speakers and their respective areas here.

There are many reasons that students should participate in the conversation by both submitting questions and by attending the Town Hall meeting. In order to foster a better and stronger community, it is so important that students have the opportunity to make their voices heard. This event provides just the chance to do so.

“Someone has said that ‘texting is a brilliant way to miscommunicate how you feel and misinterpret what other people mean,’” says Dr. Newman. “In a season of texting, tweeting, and posting, a face-to-face conversation seems far more productive and energizing.”

Questions will be pre-selected by the student senate from a pool of submissions collected prior to the meeting. The student senate will also be using a few questions obtained during Voice Week. Questions must remain kind and conducive to conversation, and cannot demean any individuals and/or call out other students by name.

“We are wanting this to be a healthy and beneficial discussion for both the administration and the student body,” explains Student Body Vice President Shelby Orton. She and the Student Body President Cameron Skaggs will be leading the discussion on behalf of the students, presenting the questions they have collected to the gathered administration.

“I’m looking forward to the interaction with our students and administrators,” says Dr. Newman. “We are praying this will be a great night learning from each other and helping our university serve even better in the years to come.”

The Town Hall meeting will be held this upcoming Tuesday in the Heritage Room in Webster Commons from 7-8pm. If you have any burning questions for the Administrative Cabinet that you would like to see answered, you still have the chance to submit them to the student senate’s form. We hope to see you there!

Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash