Local Businesses That Offer Student Discounts

Local Businesses That Offer Student Discounts

As a brand new college student, I’m still learning the do’s and don’ts of money managing. Luckily, I’ve found that there are a lot of great local businesses that offer student discounts, even if you don’t own a Crimson Card. All you have to do is show them your student ID.

Here are some great places to try out:

-Chipotle (3315 NW Expressway) You get a free drink with a purchase of a meal.

-Dave and Busters (5501 N May Ave) you can get a 10 for $10 deal.

-Harkins Theatre (150 E Reno Ave) Any movie after 6pm offers a student discount.

-Tinseltown Town (6001 N Martin Luther King Ave) Every Tuesday is a $4 movie.

       There are even some online bonuses for being a college student, such as:

-Amazon Prime. As a student, you receive a six month free trial, free two day shipping on millions of items, and you can stream TV shows and movies.

-Spotify Premium. You can listen to all the music you want, whenever you want, for $4.99 a month, rather than the normal cost, $9.99.  

Whether you’re a returning student this fall or fresh out of high school, money is an obvious problem for college students. This means that most kids on campus are searching for financial help, or a job.

Sophomore Emilee Copeland, who currently works as a server, said, “I think, for me, it’s easier for me to spend my money, because I earned it, but I want to save it because it’s money that I worked hard for.”

However, when asked about how valuable student discounts are, she claimed, “They’re so valuable! How else would I be able to afford Spotify?”

In comparison to Emilee, I also spoke to freshman Sarah Gunter, who is currently unemployed. When asked how regularly she checks for student discounts off campus, on a scale of 1 (frequently checks) to 10 (never checks), she replied, “5, because some are already listed on my crimson card, but I check for them because it’s less money that you have to pay.”

As someone who doesn’t currently have a job, Sarah said that she found herself being more strict about the money that she spends because, “I know that the numbers in my bank account will only get lower, and they won’t get any higher unless I beg my parents.”

All in all, make sure to sign up for local emails and text messages to see new deals around town. Remember, every penny counts in the long run.

Although there are many student discounts on a Crimson Card, for those of you who don’t have one, don’t stress. There are plenty of local discounts for those of you who will show those pretty faces found on your IDs.

If you want to see some more possible discounts for places around town, check out this webpage: https://www.giftcardgranny.com/blog/student-discounts/

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Cadie McAnally
Cadie is a freshman at SNU who is studying Theology and Ministry. She enjoys movie marathons, long walks on the beach, and the occasional midnight run to Denny’s. She hopes to become a youth minister after college, if she can make it through her eight o’clock classes. Her passions include singing, reading, and hanging out with her family back in Texas.