Love Is in the Air: Heartpal Is Almost Here!

Love Is in the Air: Heartpal Is Almost Here!

As we near the start of February, it seems like love is just right around the corner. SNU has just the thing to celebrate this season of love. We’re excited to welcome everyone to this year’s Heartpal! 

Heartpal is like SNU’s very own little prom! Don’t worry if you’re not the dancing type; there will be food to set your little heart at peace. This event is for everyone, whether you want to dance, hang out and talk, or camp by the charcuterie board all night, you can unwind and enjoy yourself with your friends at this exciting upcoming event! Heartpal is being held this year, on February 16th from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm at the Manor. Get ready to wear your fancy clothing because you’ll want to look your best when you’re tearing it up on that dance floor. With the dance being less than two weeks away, you better start planning what you are going to wear! 

Lydia Wynn, a sophomore graphic design major, talked about her experience at last year’s Heartpal. She stated, “I thought it was fun! They held it at this theater-like place. It looked really fancy, and people had cool dresses.” She expressed embarrassment that she might’ve been a little underdressed last year and hopes to redeem herself this year. 

Rakae Sibley, a sophomore theology major, spoke about what she would like to do for this year’s Heartpal. She acknowledged that, “With events like this… I think it’s important that we first recognize that we are more than our looks.” Then, she continued saying, “I’m excited to go with friends, get all dressed up, look cute, and just hang out and have a good time.” 

It couldn’t have been said better. The main goal of this event is to make lasting memories and to have a wonderful time! (Of course, pictures are a must-have as well.) Be safe and don’t forget to smile! We can’t wait to see you at SNU’s 2024 Heartpal!


Photo by Mark Angelo Sampan on Pexels