SNU Saturday of Service

SNU Saturday of Service

What do your weekends look like? Do you typically have nothing planned on a Saturday after a long and busy week? If you are looking for something productive to do with your weekend, you’re in luck. Saturday of Service is back!

Saturday of Service is one of Community Relations’ biggest events of the spring. It gives students the opportunity to serve those in the Oklahoma City and Bethany communities, as well as receive a free chapel credit! Halley Palmer, an early childhood education major, agrees that Saturday of Service is a great way to spend your day. Palmer states that she enjoys “getting to see more of the community than I normally would instead of just staying in my dorm on a Saturday.” She also appreciates the opportunity to “get to go out and meet people and be with my friends while doing something that is productive and impactful.”

This month’s Saturday of Service will be held at Southern Plaza, a retirement home on 36th and College right across the street from SNU, on February 10th. Esther Sanderson, this year’s Community Relations lead, is excited to spend time with the people there. “We are going to be involved with people a lot older than us, which is something that we don’t normally get to do on a daily basis. It’s not just something we’re doing to serve them, but it’s also something we get to do for us. You have nothing else to do on a Saturday, so why not? You also get a free chapel credit!”

Students will have the opportunity to enjoy activities with the residents of Southern Plaza, such as playing board games with them, painting their nails, and of course, getting to participate in Bingo.

Students will also get the chance to have meaningful conversations with Southern Plaza residents, hearing their stories and getting to connect with people from other generations. This is a great opportunity for students to gain some wisdom and advice from people they might never have encountered otherwise, as well as create new memories and lasting friendships.

If you do not think you will be able to make it to Southern Plaza on the 10th, do not worry! The Micah Community Movement volunteers here every Monday at 6:30 pm and does just this! They play games and interact with the residents as a way to build community with those of a different generation. Additionally, there will be another Saturday of Service in April, where Community Relations plans to serve at a local food bank. 

For more information about upcoming events, check out snulife1899 on Instagram and TikTok, or visit the Student Life Office in the basement of the Commons. If you would also like more information about the Micah Community Movement opportunity taking place every Monday, you can email Sarah Dodd at


Photo by SNU Creative.