Memories of That One Snow Day…

Memories of That One Snow Day…

Student in the snowOn Wednesday, Feb. 5, students at Southern Nazarene University (SNU) enjoyed a snow day. And you know what that means— no classes. Students had the day off to either play in the snow or stay warm inside. It started snowing on Tuesday night, and everyone woke up the next day to a “winter wonderland.” The campus was beautiful and covered in a blanket of white snow. 

It was the first official snow day of the semester, and everyone had so much fun. There was also a campus snowball fight with President Newman. Students met at 1:00 p.m. behind Bresee Hall to participate in the snowball fight and have fun in the snow. Several people also went off campus to go sledding. 

Hannah Westrick, a freshman at SNU, really enjoyed the snow day. This was not her first time seeing snow because it snows a little where she is from. She said, “It snows a lot in Bentonville… It usually snows like that once a year.” 

Hannah also explained how she spent her day. She said, “We woke up super early, went outside, took pictures and played in the snow. Then we went to Stray Dog Cafe for breakfast and hot chocolate. Then we watched a movie and went to have a snowball fight and went sledding.” One of her favorite memories from the day was “when we were sledding and that little boy had makeshift sleds, and Rudy gave him one of our sleds. It melted my little heart.”

Some people prefer to stay warm inside, but Hannah said she preferred to play outside, “because it usually only snows once a year, so you have to experience it and have fun with it.” 

Student in the snow

Aryn Spikes, another freshman at SNU, also really enjoyed the snow day. She is from Louisiana, so she said the snow there isn’t the same. She said, “[The snow] is basically ice, rather than real snow, so it was my first time seeing real snow.” She said that she has probably only seen snow about five times.

She enjoyed the snow day because, she said, “I got to have a snowball fight with my friends and because I don’t get to see snow very often.” One of her favorite memories was walking to Stray Dog Cafe with her friends to have brunch. Aryn said that she also prefers to play outside rather than stay inside. She said, “I want to go outside because I like playing in the snow, and it’s fun, and I never get to do it.” 

The snow day was definitely a day that SNU students can look back on and smile about because so many good memories were made. This was a fun day that many SNU students will never forget! 

(Photos courtesy of Macey Hoffpauir)