My favorite off-campus study places

“Sometimes, you need to take your one-man study party off campus.” (Photo by Flickr user .matter used under Creative Commons license.)

By Ashleigh Buchanan, Staff Writer

Sometimes, you need to take your one-man study party off campus. Whether it’s because the library is closed, your roommates are being loud, or you just need a change of scenery, it’s good to have a few places in your back pocket to retreat to whenever these situations arise. Here are a few of my places…

Northwest Library
5600 NW 122nd St
Oklahoma City, OK 73142

There are a couple reasons that make this place one of my favorites, the first one being that it’s the coolest looking library I’ve ever been to. The architecture is super modern, and I feel like I’m in a museum/library. Another reason I love Northwest Library is because it has a variety of seating options such as funky couches and chairs, booth type seating with comfy benches and big tables, and they have these little rooms with chairs and tables scattered around the library that you can reserve. Downside? You can only reserve them for two hours at a time. But going to a library to study is awesome because you don’t have to buy anything to sit there for hours! Free wifi, free awesome environment, what more could you ask for?

T An Urban Teahouse
7518 N May Ave
Oklahoma City, OK 73116

Confession time: I don’t like coffee. I know, how can I even call myself a college student? But it is what is it. So you can see why this teahouse is totally my thing. I love the atmosphere here. It’s cute and small, but not crowded with chairs and tables. There are plenty of electrical outlets, which is key for studying that requires laptop use. The playlist they have going in the background is absolutely perfect. And they have almost 100 different teas to choose from. When I was here it wasn’t very busy, but on a busy afternoon it might be hard to find a spot to spread out!

Elemental Coffee Roasters
815 N Hudson Ave
Oklahoma City, OK 73102

I absolutely love the Midtown neighborhood of OKC. I like the industrial feel to this area and how this vibe is kept with a lot of the businesses in this area. Elemental has massive windows across the front of the store, which lets in a lot of awesome, natural lighting. I know I just said I don’t like coffee, but lucky for me this place has tea, too! The interior of this place carries on with the industrial theme of the neighborhood, which is awesome from a design standpoint, but doesn’t allow for the most comfortable seating options. They have several counters with barstools and nice big tables that are great for spreading out, but the benches with them aren’t super comfy.

So try out these favorite study places of mine, or go exploring and find your own! There are plenty of fun, hole-in-the-wall coffee shops that might have the best drinks and best study environment for you!