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New Music Venue Attracts Big Artists This Spring

The days of having to drive to Tulsa to see your favorite band may be over. Band after band I have wanted to see live skips Oklahoma City only to go up the turnpike to Tulsa to perform. Well, all of that is about to change. There’s a new venue here in Oklahoma City being built, and with that brings ... Read More »

Human Rights Awareness Week Focuses on Hunger

Oct. 26th through the 30th the Student Government Association (SGA) is bringing the observance of Human Rights Awareness Week (HRAW) to the SNU Campus. SGA will be bringing awareness of this year’s topic, hunger, by hosting several activities and events. SGA is partnering with the on-campus chapter of the Food Recovery Network to bring awareness to the topic of hunger ... Read More »

Coffee on the Move: Junction Coffee

Parked in front of the Civic Center in downtown Oklahoma City, with a steady line of customers down one side, is Junction Coffee. This mobile coffee shop is a site that you would not normally expect to see in Oklahoma. Junction Coffee’s bright red double decker bus from England is a one of a kind mobile concept. Housed within the ... Read More »

In review: Teapioca Lounge

Stephany Reyes, Staff Writer  If you love bubble tea, then this should definitely grab your attention. I moved to Oklahoma from Texas for school, and it was really hard for me to find a good boba café like the ones I went to in Texas. When I Googled bubble tea cafés, Teapioca Lounge was at the top of the list, ... Read More »

Brett eats out: Tucker’s Onion Burgers

Brett Smith, Staff Writer If there’s anything that I have learned from visiting different restaurants, it’s this: never have your mind made up as to whether or not you will like something new. For me, it was hard to put this into practice when I was visiting Tucker’s Onion Burgers. Anyone who knows me pretty well will tell you that ... Read More »

Thrift shops near campus

Grace Williams, Business and Social Media Manager    Macklemore and hipsters agree, thrift shops are great places to buy stuff. Southern Supper and Roller Rag typically require a visit to one, but students often find good deals on normal outfits as well. Amy Snyder once found a “cute, Free People, yellow spring dress for $3.” Preston Goff found a “nice, antique, ... Read More »

Things to do in OKC during Christmas-time

By Ashleigh Buchanan, Staff reporter There is always a lot to do in Oklahoma City during the Christmas Season. Everyone puts extra effort into decorating their homes or businesses, and a lot of places have special events going on during this time of year. Here are some ways to make the Christmas season even more eventful: Devon Ice Rink at ... Read More »

My favorite off-campus study places

By Ashleigh Buchanan, Staff Writer Sometimes, you need to take your one-man study party off campus. Whether it’s because the library is closed, your roommates are being loud, or you just need a change of scenery, it’s good to have a few places in your back pocket to retreat to whenever these situations arise. Here are a few of my ... Read More »

Top five things to do in OKC over fall break

By Ronna Fisher The pace of your classes may be picking up or the general bubbly, excitement that may come with the beginning of a new semester may starting to fizzle out . . . either way, fall break is just around the corner. For many, fall break is a chance to go home, take a road trip, or go ... Read More »