Thrift shops near campus

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Grace Williams, Business and Social Media Manager

   Macklemore and hipsters agree, thrift shops are great places to buy stuff. Southern Supper and Roller Rag typically require a visit to one, but students often find good deals on normal outfits as well. Amy Snyder once found a “cute, Free People, yellow spring dress for $3.” Preston Goff found a “nice, antique, wood desk for $10.” Brianne Canino once found “a $150 coat for $20.” So, if you are ready to pop some tags, then you do not have to go far from campus to find some tried and true thrift shops.

   The closest and most well known thrift store around SNU is Goodwill. There are many locations across the metro, but there is a large store at 50th and McArthur (5845 NW 50th St Oklahoma City, OK 73122) that is open on Sunday from 12pm-7pm and Monday-Saturday 9am-9pm. Each week Goodwill has a color tag that is 50% off. Goodwill also sells reusable bags for $5 (or $3 if you have a discount card), and then you will get 10% off each item when you shop with that bag. You can even buy Goodwill gift cards for your friends. Goodwill is a local nonprofit that seeks to help immigrants, those with disabilities and overall people in need get jobs. You can also bring your clean plastic bottles, jugs, metals, glass, paper and styrofoam products to goodwill, and they will recycle these items.

   Finder’s Keepers Thrift Store is just one shopping center over from Goodwill on McArthur and 49th. It is a small store with a lot furniture and household items but worth a look when you are in the neighborhood thrifting. It is open from 11am-7pm Tuesday-Friday and 11am-5pm on Saturdays.

   Dave O’Bannon, Business Professor, recommends Reaching Our City

(ROC) Resale shop located on Rockwell and 10th street (1212 NW Rockwell Ave Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73127) which is open from 9am-5pm Monday-Friday and 10am-3pm on Saturdays. Stay up to date with sales by liking ROC Resale Shop on facebook. ROC is a great ministry that provides many programs to people in need in OKC, especially along NW 10th street.  ROC Resale Shop parked a truck on campus at the end of last semester making it easy for SNU students to donate unwanted items.

   Jill Funk, L.I.F.E. advisor, recommends Heart and Hand Thrift Center located at Council and 23rd street (7901 NW 23rd St Bethany, Oklahoma 73008). Heart and Hand ministries serve homeless women and children in OKC by providing transitional housing and resources. You can find items and information about their rotating color tag sales online through their website and facebook posts. Heart and hand gives a 15% discount for students and military on regularly priced merchandise. Store hours are Monday-Saturday 9am-7pm.

   One of my personal favorites is Community Thrift which is located at 23rd and McArthur (2344 N Macarthur Blvd Oklahoma City, 73127) and open 9am-9pm Monday-Saturday and Sundays from 10am-8pm. At Community Thrift, you can get one free garment for free with a purchase of one item. On Sundays, they have a 5 garments with a certain color tag for $1 deal. This store is well organized with clear departments which makes it easier to peruse. The store is owned by a man who also owns four other thrift stores in the metro area, along with some in California and Michigan.

   OK Family Thrift is a huge store with a large selection of items that are 50% off everyday. All proceeds from this store are given to the Children’s Miracle Network. The store is located on 23rd and Portland and is open Monday-Saturday 9am-9pm.

   Meagan Green, sophomore, loves Samaritan Way thrift store where all clothes are 99 cents. at about rockwell and 16th (1518 N Rockwell Ave Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73127). Samaritan Ways is open from 10am-7pm Monday-Saturday and 11am-5pm on Sundays. Like their facebook to get updated deals and see pictures of certain items.

   Baker Pitts, senior, whose wardrobe makes it clear that he is excellent at thrifting, recommends: “Rewind on 16th and Meridian is a personal favorite, along with Bargain Thrift across the street and Thrift City in the same shopping center.”

   The closest Bargain Thrift is located at 4545 NW 16th, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73127 and is open Monday-Saturday 9am-9pm and Sundays from 12pm-6pm. They donate proceeds to Prevent Blindness, Big Brothers Big Sisters and Oklahoma Foundation for the Disabled. Find out more by liking their facebook, following their twitter @bargainthriftok and checking out their website.

   Thrift City is open Monday-Saturday 10am-8pm and Sundays 12pm-6pm and located at 1617 N Meridian Oklahoma City 73127. Every day, all items are 50% off.

Luke Winslow, senior, suggests Ultimate Thrift on 23rd and Meridian (4907 NW 23rd Oklahoma City 73127) where you can shop 11-9pm on Sundays and 10am-9pm on Mondays-Saturdays.

   If the thrill of the find and the hours of looking through racks in dusty stores doesn’t appeal to you but you still enjoy recycling and finding clothes for cheap prices, then check out Piper Ramsey’s recommendation: Daisy Exchange. This resale shop only accepts trendy clothing from name brands. Daisy Exchange has several locations but the closest to campus is located on NW expressway between Rockwell and McArthur (5911 NW Expressway, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73132). Check out their facebook, twitter and website for more information.