Oklahoma’s Christmas Light Shows

Oklahoma’s Christmas Light Shows

It’s about that time for some holiday spirit! Since we are now in November, Christmas is just around the corner. With Christmas comes great family celebration, presents, music, and wonderful decorations that helps us get in the Christmas spirit. The tradition of Christmas lights being lit everywhere during the holidays is a beautiful sight to see.

Oklahoma hosts many amazing light shows each year that people continuously enjoy going to. SNU junior Brooklyn Sullivan grew up in Chickasha and loved attending their famous holiday light show every year called “Festival of Light.” “My favorite thing is the big tree of lights that you can see from miles away. It is what everyone goes to see. I also love the hot chocolate and it is probably the best there is. I think being able to be out in the cold and walking through the lights with a coffee or hot chocolate is the best way to feel like Christmas,” said Sullivan.

Another popular light show that SNU junior Faith Blose enjoys going to is called “Christmas in the Park” located in Yukon. “They have this giant Christmas tree made up of lights that sync to a holiday radio station you can listen to in your car. It’s very mesmerizing. They also have an ice rink that’s fun too,” says Blose. According to their website, this is Oklahoma’s largest drive-thru light display. Yukon is located near Bethany, so go see this spectacular light show this year!

These are only two examples of the amazing light shows Oklahoma has to offer. Other great displays include “Holiday Lights Spectacular” in Midwest City, “Crystal Christmas” in Woodward, and “Garden of Lights” in Muskogee. Get a group of friends and go enjoy these Christmas light displays for yourself.

Oklahoman’s love decorating their houses and cities with Christmas lights during the holidays. Go check out downtown OKC during this time to see the amazing effort put into making this area be filled with Christmas joy. Christmas is a season of giving and joyful spirits. Nothing is better at putting you into the holiday spirit than the breathtaking Christmas lights we get to see each year. 

Photo by: Tim Mossholder