On Thrifting

On Thrifting

One of the most surprising things I encountered, upon moving to the United States, was the popularization of thrifting. Like anyone who listened to the music of 2013, I heard Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop,” but did not realize just how mainstream thrifting had become. My first real encounter with thrift shopping was the day of Southern Supper my freshman year. (That was the first time I have ever needed plaid.)

Nevertheless, in my time at SNU, I’ve seen thrifting transition from a fad, in my opinion, to a lifestyle, which might have something to do with the size of our college-student bank accounts.

It also might also have something to do with the wide variety of items available for purchase. From oversized sweaters of the 80s to sofas, snowboards to hawaiian shirts and vintage cameras to abstract knickknacks, if you’re looking for a deal, thrift stores are the places to go. It really is possible to get just about anything for the twenty dollars in your pocket.

Joseph Stroud, a senior, suggests new thrifters be patient. He stated, “You’ll find that special nugget of thrifty gold, just keep looking.” Stroud recalled his favorite thrifting experience and said, “I bought some skis and a Forever The Sickest Kids CD from Goodwill on a store wide 50% off night. We had to put the top down in the convertible VW Beetle, in the winter, to fit the skis in.”

Sidney Ketchum, a senior at heart and expert thrifter, warns new thrifters to take precautions. Sometimes a good deal is too good to be true. For someone just beginning their thrifting journey, Ketchum says “Don’t be turned off by the smell. Give it a chance. There are plenty of benefits of thrift shopping. Firstly, you’re saving money. Secondly, you’re getting some styles that are no longer being sold in stores. And thirdly, in many cases, your money is going to a good cause.”

So, next time you’re looking for a TWIRP outfit, some cushions for the couch in your living room, an ugly sweater that’s sure to win you some eye rolls around Christmas, or just considering the thrifting lifestyle, look into some of the following places near campus:

The ROC: Resale Center

Goodwill Store and Donation Site

Daisy Exchange

Heart and Hand Thrift Center

Community Thrift Store

OK Family Thrift

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Alina Scott, Staff Photographer
Alina is a history major and English minor here at SNU. She is originally from Belize, C.A., and loves reading books, studying history and all things Abraham Lincoln. She has worked as a U.S. history tutor and after grad school plans to become a college history professor. [/author]