SGA Welcome Letter

SGA Welcome Letter

Dear SNU Students,

As we have been preparing for this year, we have been praying for you, this Student Government Association (SGA), and SNU as a whole. We have been learning and listening to your ideas, criticisms, and affirmations throughout the years, and we are ready to continue shifting the culture of SNU and SGA to look more like God’s inclusive love.  We want to create a culture of belonging — one where people look around and see diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice working together. This job is not one we can do alone– we need you. We need your ideas, criticism, and affirmation to make us better, but most importantly, we need your trust — trust that we will make decisions with and for you, that we are working to better our university and community while also planning events that are entertaining and create a culture of belonging for everyone. Our hope is that you feel heard and understood, that we create spaces and platforms for your voice rather than becoming your voice. It is our job to serve you, and we are striving to continuously learn how to better do that. We hope that our office in the lower level of the Commons becomes a space where vibrant conversations and community can thrive, where people can feel connected and build relationships.  When the lights are on, we’re there and you’re always invited. Just walk right in! We are excited to represent you this year, and we are honored to serve you each and every day. Questions, ideas, complaints, affirmations, and all other comments are welcome in this space, and we cannot wait to watch our campus continue to grow together! 

Your SGA Executive Staff,


Sam O’Bannon: Student Body President

Daniel Buckwalter: VP for Campus Ministries

Kristin Hardy: VP for Publicity

Andrew Marston: VP for Athletic Relations

Jaden Osborn: VP for Social Life

Jacob Thomason: VP for Finance

James Udo: VP for Intercultural Engagement

Emma Wright: Editor-in-Chief of the Echo


(Photo by SNU)