Should You Drink Energy Drinks?

Should You Drink Energy Drinks?

Energy drinks: some people never touch them, and others can’t make it through the day without them. Many college students drink energy drinks before sporting events, big tests, or after spending all night awake studying. Energy drinks may come in a variety of brands and flavors, but they should not be treated as any other soft drink.

Before drinking an energy drink it is important to consider your health and how they impact it. Being tired could indicate that you may need to look inward at your general wellness before seeking out excess amounts of caffeine. Lack of sleep could cause drowsiness and exhaustion, and energy drinks would only be a temporary fix. A poor diet could mean that you are not getting enough nutrients and energy from your meals. 

Professor Daniel Cunningham, Head of the Physical Education Department at the Kinesiology Department, recommends, “First see what exercise can do for you. It has been statistically noted that moderate to vigorous exercise throughout the week will help you to sleep better at night and have more energy throughout the day.” He continues saying, “If you do consider drinking energy drinks, be sure to check the ingredients and talk with somebody who is very knowledgeable about the ingredients that are in them.” 

Rakae Sibley, a sophomore theology major, also warns of what energy drinks could do to you if you are not careful. “Be mindful of what they do to your body and not overindulge in them.” Sibley explained that she does not drink them often to consider her health. She continued saying, “Eating properly, getting enough water, and getting enough sleep are some things you should be more aware of before having an energy drink.”

Not long ago a booth was set up on campus promoting Reign Energy Drinks. There, a promoter was handing out free cans in the flavors of orange and grape. When asked why, the promoter mentioned that the coffee shop was going to start selling them. Energy drinks are a quick and easy solution if you need immediate energy, but relying on them daily could be detrimental to your health. Be cautious of your caffeine intake and how it affects your body. Try to find energy drinks that utilize more natural ingredients and natural energy. If you have concerns about what is or is not healthy to drink, ask someone who has done research into the ingredients of the specific flavor and the brand as a whole. 

Photo by Jorge Franganillo on Unsplash