The Creator Movie Review

The Creator Movie Review

The Creator, a much-anticipated movie for its take on artificial intelligence and humanity, was released to theaters on September 29. This movie has created a lot of buzz in the movie industry due to its nearly perfect timing of release. With the way that AI (artificial intelligence) has not only introduced itself in society but also progressed at such a fast rate, it has become a topic of discussion worldwide. The Creator centers around a world where AI and humans are at war with each other. To possibly end this war, an ex-special forces agent is hired to find the person known as “The Creator,” who has created a weapon that can do just that. 

Connor Rice, an undergraduate student at SNU, raved about the movie after watching it just days following its release. When asked about his overall thoughts on the film, he said, “I loved it. I feel like it was a pretty accurate representation of what AI could look like in the future.” He later added, “The movie was super entertaining and didn’t feel long, so I would recommend anyone who has some free time to watch it.” 

Another student who gave the film high praise was Mason Moore, a self-proclaimed movie expert. When asked about his thoughts on the movie, Mason said, “It was very good. I really loved the storyline and how they (the filmmakers) were able to do such a good job of creating a futuristic setting throughout the entire thing.” After asking Mason whether or not he would recommend others to go see the movie, he added, “Oh definitely. Don’t even wait for it to go to Netflix or whatever. Go see it now. I usually just wait for movies to be available on things like that, but this one is worth seeing ASAP in my opinion.” 

Although going to the movies can seem like such a hassle in an age where streaming services are the way to go, getting the entire theater experience can make a movie that much better. A movie with as much praise as The Creator is one that is definitely worth seeing as soon as possible, and viewers should all take advantage of this. Despite being out for only a couple of weeks, the film has already racked up many high ratings, and for good reason. It is a well-made film that has managed to effectively capture the fears surrounding artificial intelligence, with hints of action and drama all packed in with it.


Photo by Felix Mooneeram on Unsplash