SNU Introduces the History Club

SNU Introduces the History Club

Calling all history buffs! There is a new History Club on campus that is sure to excite. If you enjoy having conversations or learning about history, check it out! This club is open to anyone.

President of the club, Sarah Dodd, a sophomore here at Southern Nazarene University, expressed the main purpose of the club. “We want to get students and faculty members who love history together. You don’t have to be ‘good’ at history to join, you just have to like it.”

On the topic of the club’s intention, Dodd said, “We want people to be able to enjoy, think about, and discuss history without having the stress of achieving grades.” Dodd also expressed that the club is not intended to feel like a class, just an outlet for people to enjoy history.

The group will have monthly meetings and will have a discussion-based feel.

“We took a survey on topics that people would be interested in and the top three topics were the World Wars, Black History, and Indigenous History, as well as various subtopics within those categories,” said Dodd.

Professor Edith Ritt-Coulter is the faculty advisor for the club. When asked about her goals for the club she said, “I genuinely hope that the History Club brings students from different fields and backgrounds together to explore the aspects of history that are not found in textbooks. A common misconception is that history is memorizing names and dates. I think it would be great for the club to help break that stereotype and provide students with a space to experience history outside the classroom.”

The History Club not only serves to highlight the importance of historical knowledge to interested students, but also provides a community through which people can discuss these topics.

“Joining a club, like the history club, provides students a space to create a sense of belonging with like-minded people,” said Professor Ritt-Coulter. “I have found that the more students become involved with their campus community, the more likely they will complete their degree program. I hope the new club helps students interested in history foster a sense of community and positively contribute to their college experience.”

The club’s first event is on October 18th from 7pm to 10pm in Beaver room 410. Join them as they watch “Arsenic and Old Lace,” as well as have a discussion about the role of Hollywood in the Second World War.

Photo by Giam Marco on Unsplash