So They Go- SNU In Missions 2017

So They Go- SNU In Missions 2017

As disciples of Christ, we are called to actively bring God’s hope, healing, compassion and justice to the world.

The book of Matthew, chapter 28:19-20, reads, “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

The students of Southern Nazarene University are acting in obedience to their faith and are pursuing to spread the gospels through SIMS, SNU in Missions, program.

SIMS is one of the most widely participated programs on campus. This program is designed to give students the opportunity to serve during the summer and experience cultures not of their own.

Through a wide variety of destinations, students will engage in anything from community outreach, music ministry, children’s ministry, sport ministry and so much more.

This year, SNU will be sending out 23 teams, with 21 of them located outside of the country. There are several new locations arraying from Australia, South Africa, and Mongolia; there are now 3 mystery teams, as last year was the first to send a team without revealing their location prior of departure. In addition, the program has created 3 music teams allowing students an opportunity to focus directly on music ministry for those who feel called in that direction.

To participation in SIMS, students are required to fill out an application, provide recommendations and go through an interview. Recently, the announcement of the 2017 teams have been revealed! Students will gather on November 13 for their first head-to-head meeting with their teams.

Being involved in SIMS requires sacrifice as each individual has numerous hours of training. They are devoting their summer to submit themselves to the plans God has placed on their hearts. It is important to support the decisions of these young adults working toward the missions of Christ.

These students will be sending out letters of support and prayers. If lead, feel free to donate to the program or a specific team. There will be a 5k during Homecoming on Saturday, November 12, at 9a.m.. The proceeds will be donated to the SIMS program.

SIMS has changed the lives of many students, here’s what they had to say about the program:

Tyler Stark is a junior who was the leader of the first ever mystery team. “Leading a team of students without any knowledge of your destination was as exciting and challenging to face. It allowed my team and I to fully submit our journey over to God and release our control that we so longingly try to cling to. It was a lesson of total submission to God’s plan and complete trust that He knew what He was doing even when we knew nothing.”

Benji Hughes is a first time SIMS participant. He will be leading the music team going to Romania. “I’m super excited to see the culture and perform for the people. It’s [a] great time for me and my team members to really bond as friends and grow in musicianship.”

Easton Holstine is a sophomore who participated on the 2016 Swaziland team. “SIMS training is a process that should not be taken lightly. It is the best resource for you to prepare your heart and mind for leaving the country. Going to Swaziland through SIMS was a life changing experience, my entire outlook on being a servant and my view on culture has forever been changed.”

God’s work through SIMS does wonders. Joel Mullen and Liliana Reza have dedicated so much time towards SIMS. SNU students are blessed for all their hard work and compassion for the ministry.

The SIMS Facebook page is the best way to stay active on the news about SIMS. One can also subscribe to the newsletter called “SOWEGO” or make a donation through the SIMSgiving site. Each of the following links are provided below:




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Cheyenne Reynolds, Staff Writer
Cheyenne Reynolds is a junior Sports Information major from San Diego, California. She is part of the Crimson Storm Softball team, and the Student Government Association on campus. She enjoys the beach, traveling, photography, movies, sporting events, and doing missionary work. Cheyenne has aspirations of being a sideline reporter and owning her own magazine company that incorporates both sports and missionary publishings. [/author]