Student Opinions About Valentine’s Day

Student Opinions About Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is often seen as a commercialized holiday where people treat their partner with a gift or try to win over their crush. This holiday has been seen as both a positive and a negative one depending on who you’re asking. To get a perspective on what SNU students think about the holiday, I interviewed four students for their different inputs: two that are dating, and two that are not.

I first interviewed two students who are together, Chase Matson and Hannah Trevino. When asked about her thoughts on Valentine’s Day, Trevino responded, “It’s an opportunity to do something romantic with your partner, such as going on extra dates.” Matson added, “It’s a friendly reminder of how you should be in a relationship.” 

With couples celebrating the holiday, singles may wish they had something similar or feel added pressure to find a partner. Commenting on this thought, Trevino said, “It can bring up emotions and loneliness, but spending time with the people who love you is the best way to celebrate the holiday.” Matson added, “I think having a group of single friends that’ll hang out and support each other during the holiday is a great way to celebrate it.”

I then asked the two how they’ll celebrate Valentine’s Day together. Matson responded, “We’ll do a poem exchange, and it’ll remind us of how we first met.” They also suggested that “…flowers are the most effective gift,” as well as letters and fun experiences together.  

There will be many people who are without a partner to celebrate the holiday, but being single is not a deal breaker. Nathan Hurt thinks Valentine’s Day is “a holiday where you celebrate with your spouse, and enjoy being with the person.” Noelle Brezillac added, “It’s just another holiday.” As single students, both Hurt and Brezillac are fine without a partner during the holiday; however, there might be students who feel the opposite. I asked these two their opinions on how single students can still celebrate Valentine’s Day. Hurt responded, “Celebrate it with your family by expressing how much you love them from a familial perspective.” Brezillac added, “Spend time with friends and the people you love. Make yourself happy while still being mature.”

Curious, I asked them how they’d celebrate the holiday. Hurt responded, “I’ll celebrate the holiday with my family by telling them how much I love them and how much they mean to me.” 

Valentine’s Day is a holiday to celebrate with those that you care for and who care for you. It is one you can spend with a romantic partner or your best friends. I hope you have a stress-free, love-filled day!


Photo by Hannah Lindsly