A Recap of the Music Department’s Valentine’s Concert Fundraiser for Anastasia

A Recap of the Music Department’s Valentine’s Concert Fundraiser for Anastasia

The SNU School of Music has had a knack for putting together wonderful concerts to showcase what our many vocalists and musicians can do, and their most recent show was certainly one to remember. On February 10, they organized a Valentine’s Day-themed concert, focusing on songs of love in all kinds of different styles. Many students, as well as some of our wonderful faculty members of the music department, participated in the event. However, unlike many of the events that are done to solely show off the amazing talents of the music department, this concert had some extra special meaning behind it. 

This was a concert that was put together to function as a fundraiser for the upcoming SNU School of Music production of Anastasia. Our university has always had a good track record when it comes to performing and musicals with lots of hard work and dedication going into producing pristine performances such as Into the Woods, The Sound of Music, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, etc. As someone who got the opportunity to perform in some of these concerts myself, every little bit that goes into supporting them can make a huge difference. That being said, even though plenty of blood, sweat, and tears are put into making these musicals the absolute best they can be, it is also important that they are financially funded to allow for a wonderfully fun experience for students and the audience alike. 

When asked about performing in the show, SNU student, Isabelle Smith, commented that it was so much fun getting to advertise and support Anastasia. She states that it is fun how “we all got the opportunity to dress up and sing.” 

Every one of the many performers in this last concert took the stage dressed up in an assortment of Valentine’s Day colors, including shades of red, pink, white, black, purple, and just about everything in between. This eclectic style also surfaced in the song choices, including a selection of classic jazz standards, contemporary Christian pieces, songs from timeless musicals like The Phantom of the Opera and The Music Man, and even a few classical pieces in a foreign language. Needless to say, every single individual involved gave a fabulous performance, inspiring joy, warmth, laughter, and, yes, even a few tears.

Mikey Butenhof, an SNU student, as well as another performer in the concert, also said that it was great seeing so many people “crush it on stage.” When asked what he hopes will come from the show, Butenhof said that he hopes more people will see that “our vocal department is really something to be proud of” and that everyone’s performances are absolutely worth seeing.” 

Even though the concert on its own was a wonderful time, it was also something to advertise the upcoming musical, courtesy of the SNU musical department. As someone who is participating in Anastasia, I can safely say that it is shaping up to be a great show with so many memorable characters, songs, and individual moments that are sure to be an audience favorite. In the meantime though, until next month when we will get to see the performance proper, it is concerts like these that remind us of how much wonderful work the SNU School of Music continues to put out on a regular basis.


Photo by Jacob Mash