The Best Places to Eat Near SNU

The Best Places to Eat Near SNU

Bethany and the surrounding area of Southern Nazarene University have many great food spots that people may not even be aware of. With the meal plan that students are provided at the school, it is easy to just resort to the food on campus. However, part of this can also be due to the fact that we may not be aware of just how many places there are to eat beyond the main fast-food corporations that we see everywhere.

Speaking from experience, I was hesitant to eat anywhere off campus when I first came to SNU, mainly because I didn’t want to waste money on any places that weren’t good when I knew I could get free food at our school cafeteria. However, if I had asked more people about other options, this could have helped me adjust quicker. We asked some students about their picks for the best “hidden” food spots around campus to help anyone in a similar situation.

Asa Robertson, a student at SNU, mentions that, “There are a lot of good spots around here. Abel’s (Mexican Restaurant) and the Mule are two places I’d recommend for sure.”

Abel’s Mexican Restaurant is located only about 5 minutes from campus in Warr Acres. It provides a variety of different Mexican dishes while providing a very authentic environment inside. The Mule is a sandwich shop about 15 minutes from campus, located in the Plaza Shop in Midtown, OKC. Asa has high praise for this place, as he mentions that, “the Mule has some of the best sandwiches and appetizers I’ve tried around here.”

If you are looking for a local pizza parlor, Angel Ramirez, another student at SNU has just the place for you. “Hideaway Pizza is the place to go, and it’s close to the school.” This opinion seems to be common among others I have talked to. Hideaway Pizza has built up a good reputation for local, genuine pizza. It’s located in Warr Acres, and only about 10 minutes from the school as well.

After attending SNU for a little over a year now, I have now tried out many different places within Bethany and Oklahoma City. Personally, one of my favorite places to eat is Sunnyside Diner. I’m a big fan of breakfast food and for anyone who is the same, this place is a go-to. Located just past NW Expressway, about 8 minutes from the school, this place offers some of the best breakfast dishes I have tried. One last place that I would highly recommend is a place in Bricktown, OKC, called Dave’s Hot Chicken. Although slightly further from the school than some of the other places mentioned, the drive is well worth it. Originally suggested to me by a friend, this place offers the best chicken sandwich I have ever tried. They also provide the luxury of choosing your own level of heat on the sandwich to adhere to all customers.

Although most of my meals still come from the cafeteria on campus, I do think it is important to broaden our experiences when eating. Most students are from out of town and are not constantly exposed to the food options we have in Bethany/Oklahoma City. Because of this, I encourage students to try these off-campus places more, whether it’s of their own choosing or some of the places listed above.