The king returns

The king returns

LeBron James in 2011 Photo by Keith Allison Used under Creative Commons License
LeBron James in 2011
Photo by Keith Allison
Used under Creative Commons License

Cass White, Staff Writer

   The NBA’s four time Most Valuable Player, two time Champion and one time scoring leader LeBron James had another outrageous night a few weeks ago when he combined 61 points against the sixth best defensive team in the league, the Charlotte Bobcats.

   During his after game press conferences interviews, James said “After three quarters, I wanted to hit 50 on the home floor, this is the first time I’ve scored 50 on the home floor. I’ve done it so many times on the road, and it’s great to be able to do it in front of these fans.”      In another game, it seemed unlikely that James would continue playing during the fourth quarter when the Heat was ahead by 10+ points the entire final quarter.

   So what made LeBron James want to continue to stay in this apparently decided game? Did he want to make history? Could he have been making a statement that he is the Most Valuable Player in the league? Or was his decision based on the fact that the Heat was playing against his idol, Michael Jordan’s, former team.

   James has played in over 900 games in his 11 year career, but he has never had a game that can be compared, or even comes close, to this 61 point game. James did not only establish his own new scoring title, but he also established a franchise scoring title for the Heat.  Prior to this night, the highest scorer for the team was Glen Rice in April 15, 1995 in a game against the Magic. Rice had a 56-point game, still a remarkable accomplishment in the NBA.

   If making history was Lebron’s goal, then it was most definitely accomplished. James had an efficient night of shooting: 22 of 33, 8 of 10 from the three point line and 9 of 12 from the free throw line. Lebron had only two turnovers all game, and the Heat won 124-107.

   During this game, you could see the fire in the player’s eyes and the flames flying out of his nostrils. LeBron was playing aggressive and possessed with a passion to score, which is very uncommon of him. Despite having gone to the Championships three years in a row, James remains determined, chasing the MVP award this year as well.

   Lebron appeared confident after his achievement. “I tell you guys all the time, every night I go on the floor I’m going to be the MVP,” James told reporters after the game.  “MVP for this league, MVP for this team, MVP for me, for myself. I have a responsibility, and I try to put that into the forefront every night.” After a 61 point personal and team best, Lebron has demonstrated this commitment to being a truly valuable player.

  1. I wish Lebron James wasn’t as good as he is…because I’m a Mavs fan and that is blasphemy to like him. But sheesh, the man can play! Well written, Cass!