The Pros and Cons of having a Baby Face

The Pros and Cons of having a Baby Face

Birds fly, actors act, students nap and people age; although, some age slower than others. I myself have this problem. Some of you reading this article may say, “That doesn’t sound like such a big problem, and won’t you look better as you get older?” This may be true for the most part, but it can also be a great hassle to some.

Sometimes you’re not taken as seriously as you’d like; people may have prejudices against you or think you are much younger than you actually are. Although being baby faced can be very irritating in your youth and your twenties, as you get older the cons become pros, and it turns into something that is more of a blessing.

Oh, to look thirty whenever you’re in your forties, it really starts to pay off. Ah, living the life of someone who looks so young can be a double sided coin, but it is a good life nonetheless. The purpose of this article is to list and compare the pros and cons of living this sort of life. I hope you can sit back, relax and hopefully gain some new perspective.


-Seen as more attractive by your peers

-Seen as more trusting

-You are assumed to be a nicer person

-More likely to get favors

-Better aging later in life

-Can trick people into thinking you are a different age than you actually are

-The older you get, the better you’ll look

-“You’re always cute,” according to Brittany Toone


-Can be taken for granted

-Sometimes not taken seriously

-Looked down upon

-People always wrongly guess your age, which can be annoying.

-You will be carded more often than your peers

-Young children think you’re the same age as them

-You could have young guys or girls hit on you

-“I feel sorry for people who have baby faces,” said Mady Martin.

There’s a comprehensive list of the pros and cons of baby faced people. Is it a hard life? It can be, but it certainly does get better later on in life. There is always something to look forward to, and for people like us, it only gets better the older you get. Some “lucky” people peak in middle school and maybe even high school, but my mother always told me that I would peak later in life.

[author image=”” ]  Danny Smith, Staff Contributor
Danny was born and raised in Shreveport, Louisiana and has a major in Elementary Education and a minor in Multi-Cultural Studies. He enjoys sleeping, trying new foods, listening to his records, and most importantly, taking naps. He hopes to one day teach elementary school children over seas.[/author]