The SNU Improv Team Is Headed Your Way

The SNU Improv Team Is Headed Your Way

We are pleased to announce that there are students who are making progress towards our own SNU improv comedy team. Current sophomores Mady Martin, Savannah Kelley and another mysterious unnamed student are coming together to bring forth a team of the funniest Snulians.

Improv comedy is comedy in its rawest form. Coming straight from the mouth without much pre-thought, this is humor at its purest. Improv comedy is where so many of our favorite comedians and actors got their starts.

Hopefully through this team, we can have skits, sketches and great times together. Think of it as a recreational team, where the main goal is to have fun. Maybe through this team, students will be able to improve their skill and build new talents.

Who knows, this group might guide one of our fellow students into becoming the next big star and we’ll be able to look back at their humble start with the SNU improv group. As they look back on their awe inspiring career, and sift through the cacophony of their memories, they shall never forget the humble roots that they planted here at our good ole SNU .

People such as Amy Poehler, Kristen Wiig, Bill Hader, Sarah Silverman, Will Ferrell, Eddie Murphy and so many more great comedians leapt to stardom after being discovered through improv. Saturday Night Live would later become a repository for these comedians’ improvisational talent.

Ok, while it may not be that exciting, it certainly is an exciting thing to see happening on the SNU campus. Improv comedy is fun regardless if it is funny or not. This group will be a great way to release some tension and have fun with your fellow students. Maybe after a good bit of practice, our improv team can perform at our local SNU sponsored events.

Laughter is such an important thing for us in this ever changing world we live in. Almost nothing is as pure as hearing someone you love bust out with an enormous belly laugh, or having a belly laugh of your own. The SNU improv team is coming your way soon, so get ready.

[author image=”” ]Danny Smith, Staff Contributor; Danny was born and raised in Shreveport, Louisiana and has a major in Elementary Education and a minor in Multi-Cultural Studies. He enjoys sleeping, trying new foods, listening to his records, and most importantly, taking naps. He hopes to one day teach elementary school children over seas.[/author]