Top Coffee Spots Around SNU

Top Coffee Spots Around SNU

As a student, I know all about having to rush to meet deadlines, dragging myself out of bed to make it to my morning classes, needing a quick pick me up to give me the strength to get assignments done, all while trying to keep somewhat of a social life. All of this by itself is very draining to one person. Therefore having a cup of coffee quickly becomes a necessity. 

Southern Nazarene University is surrounded by some awesome local coffee shops. All are perfect for either a quick coffee trip, hanging out with friends, or getting important assignments done. 

So, what are some of my favorite spots?

Eote Coffee is forsure one of my go to spots in the city. I love the warm cozy underground environment which keeps me comfortable while the natural light that shines through the large windows keeps me focused. Whenever coming to this spot, there is a perfect mix of people socializing and getting work done which allows a not too noisy but not uncomfortable silence. Because of the cozy atmosphere, I love coming to Eote once it starts to get a bit cold outside. This is definitely the place I go to when I am truly trying to grind some assignments out.

MentaliTea and Coffee is a new shop that just opened that I have only been to a few times since discovering it. It’s a smaller shop with some tables to sit at but also couches to lounge on. When coming here I don’t necessarily always bring a heaving workload to do but rather some ligue reads to catch up on and more chill assignments to do. It’s very close to the SNU campus so it is the perfect place to go when waiting for a quick change of atmosphere.

Stitch Cafe is a shop I go to when I’m really just wanting a fun creative atmosphere to be in with friends. I won’t come here very often for assignments but hanging out with friends here is always fun. They have great food options to grab a quick bite along with your drink and have fresh plants everywhere. This really is a cute shop with an even cuter atmosphere.

Coffee Slingers is a shop I go to when I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with assignments that I need to get done but want to set myself up in a secsufull atmosphere to do so. There is so much natural light there and even if you are wanting to sit outside, there is rooftop seating for the days with nice weather. I often choose to sit at the high top inside where I have the option to look up and see outside the window and people watch for a quick study break to give my mind time to refresh.

These are just a small handful of some of my favorite coffee shops near campus but the city still has so much more local coffee shops to offer. So grab your bookbag or a group of friends and explore!

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash