Unusual websites to pass the time: procrastination at its finest

By Kira Roberts

We all spend too much time on the Internet. But sometimes it’s relaxing to just zone out and explore what’s out there. Everyone knows Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest (all some of my favorites), but here are a few other sites for you to check out. Whether you are procrastinating homework, can’t sleep, or are trying to find some inspiration because you’re bored, these are all great options to fill the time.

So you like Pinterest? Get ready….Wanelo is very similar except everything is linking to where you can buy it. I know, dangerous right! But so awesome! This is a great website to find gifts for people (including yourself). Yes, it may be girly, but guys this is a great way to impress someone with your incredible gift giving skills as you can see what people have saved to their collections (similar to ‘boards’ on Pinterest).

Need new music? Want to listen to something that isn’t so mainstream? Want to get it for free? If so, this is the website for you. Come and Live features different Christian artists; not all are great, but there are definitely some good finds!

Here’s another girly site for you. And by girly I mean REALLY girly. WeddingGawker simply has links to different wedding and engagement photo shoots. As a photographer I love this because it helps give me inspiration for my own work, plus they’re just adorable!

I know, I know…another gawker website. But seriously, this is a must see. Warning: it will probably just make you hungry if you aren’t actually planning on making anything. Girls, if you want to find new recipes for unusually delicious food, this is the place to go. Guys, if you want to impress a girl with your creativity in the kitchen (or just give your girl a recipe so she’ll make it for you), you should head to this site.

Life is all about relating to each other. Why else do you think “trending” via hash tags has become so popular? This is why I love reading other people’s blogs. Whether it’s someone that I know or not, it’s so interesting and encouraging to realize that we all struggle with the same things. People tend to write more in depth in a blog than on Facebook or Twitter and I find it refreshing to really hear from someone’s heart as they describe what’s going on in their life. It can be so entertaining and inspiring too as people blog about traveling, photography, food, politics, fashion, sports, relationships, etc…there is literally something for everyone! I love seeing what other people are dreaming and scheming and reminiscing about; it even shapes some of how I think and has helped me form the beginning of my bucket list for life.

These are a few of my favorites. What about you? I want to hear where you go when you’re wasting (I mean spending) time on the Internet.

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