10 Ways to Choose a Small Group

10 Ways to Choose a Small Group

It’s that time of the semester again! No, not the one where we’re close to midterms, but the one where you get to decide what small group chapel you should go. We at the Echo know it can be hard to pick from all the options, so we’ve decided to compile a list of ten different ways you can pick your perfect small group.

  1. Go where your friends go.

This is easy, right? I’m sure your loving, wonderful friends would be happy to have you come with them. And what’s better, if you don’t ask them what small group you’re going to, it can be a surprise!

  1. Flip some coins.

Can’t decide? Let chance do it for you! By flipping a coin over and over in a dramatic bracket system, you can choose which small group you go to.

  1. Go alphabetically.

Copy all the small group names in Word and arrange the groups into alphabetical order, and you now have a custom list just for you. Take the top one, or the bottom, or one that starts with the first letter of your name.

  1. Go to Herrick where chapel usually is.

Come on, there’s a small group there right? Oh, there’s a movie on? Cool.

  1. One that gets out early.

Unfortunately, this one is not always possible to find on your first day. Find a small group that gets out early so you can totally get that last minute studying in for a test you should have already studied for.

  1. The one that lets you get there late.

Similar to the one where you can leave early, in this one you can get that five minutes of extra sleep before you realize what time it is. Just throw on yesterday’s clothes and do a mad dash to whatever small group you’ve found. This one is also, unfortunately, one you probably won’t find on your first go, so don’t be late for the first one.

  1. Go to the one for single people.

Oh, wait. Yeah, we don’t have those. Ring before spring.

  1. Go to the one you hate the most.

Is there one you hate? Awesome! Go to that one. Then, next week, you can go to a different one and you’ll probably hate it less than the prior.

  1. Don’t go to any of them, and pay a chapel fine.

I don’t recommend this one, but you could just not go.

  1. Go to a different one each week.

Consistency is for people who have their lives together. Go to every small group and review them to your friends. You too can be the life of the party and one of the cool kids because you will know simultaneously what everyone is talking about in regards to their chosen small group.

These are simply a few options on how to choose a small group to obtain those required chapel credits (oh sorry, “Christian Formation Credits”). Choose wisely, fellow students.

(Photo by Hannah Busing on Unsplash)