An Inside Look at SNEWS

An Inside Look at SNEWS

SNU News, better known as SNEWS, has been a staple of Southern Nazarene University for many years. This year SNEWS is back with style.

SNEWS has been bringing a fun and creative way for students to get information about events and sports around campus for several years. Since its humble beginnings, SNEWS has gained popularity this semester with its newest anchors: Chase Matson, SNU’s Student Senate Chair, and David Omishigo, SALT’s (Student Academic Leadership Team) Finance lead, and is edited by Carson Shirola, SALT’s Creative lead.

SNEWS has had a bit of a hiatus for a few years, with its last anchors being Cooper Milford and Timmy Riggs, who have both been graduated for a few years now. Blair Spindle, the new director of SALT, wanted to bring it back.

SNEWS airs every Tuesday during chapel, so students can get a proper update on the week and how to get involved. Osmishigo enjoys being able to update the community and just tries to enjoy himself whenever he is filmed.

SNEWS has become a great way for students to know how to get involved on campus, whether that be an upcoming event, applying for certain positions around campus, or when to go support their peers at an upcoming sporting event. 

Matson and Omishigo make sure to not just be informative when on SNEWS, but to do it in a way that is entertaining and gives a little relief to the stressful college life. “I have had multiple students tell me that they enjoy SNEWS,” Matson said. “Bethany Crouch came up to me just the other day and said it makes her day! I keep things like that in my mind when filming SNEWS. Even a silly video can put a smile on someone’s face.”

Matson and Omishigo are also open to inviting other students to be featured on SNEWS, in hopes of including more variety. Students like Jose Garcia and Abriel Thrash have been featured, and they hope to bring more students to SNEWS in the future.

SNEWS is not currently streaming anywhere but might be uploaded to SNU’s YouTube channel at the end of the semester. If you are interested in being featured on SNEWS or have information or updates on school activities or events that you would like to be featured on, you can contact David Omishigo or Chase Matson in the Student Life Office in the basement of the Commons.


Photo by Carson Shirola