Answering the strangest searches used to find The Echo

Photo by Henry McLin used under Creative Commons license.

By Baker Pitts, Guest Writer

Since The Echo has gone entirely online, a big source of our traffic is due to people searching things that lead them to articles written by your peers.

And one of the marvels of this modern age we are living in is that we can see what people are searching that lead them to our articles. I thought I would take some time this week to see if I can help a few of those searching souls out there.

Student problems

•“Why am I always taking midterms”
Well I’m not sure, but it’s possible you’re stuck in a Groundhog Day type loop that is forcing you to take these tests over and over. Contact Bill Murray for further help.

•“can you take midterms after fall break?”
That depends on your professors, but probably not. It may not matter though, you’d probably would have failed anyways.

•“what are some good tips on how to study for a government midterm?”
Step one: Open your Government book.
Step two: Highlight things
Step three: Get an A on your test.

• “is it ok to get a d on your midterms”
It is if you are okay with hating yourself.

•“Studying right before midterm getting A”
Okay, well I’m not sure if this is even a question, but I’m gonna go ahead and say the answer is yes?

Life questions

•“was that a real baby in breaking dawn”
Yes it was! But only if by ‘real baby’ you meant ‘computer animated baby who isn’t real at all.’

•“do photographers make friends”
No. No they don’t.

•“how can i balance studying and working and boxing with a social life”
It is actually way easier than you think, simply choose one of those things and stop doing that thing. Bonus advice: Try to not mix up the boxing and social life, punching friends is not a good way to make them.


•“I see myself as a crayon picture”
I-what? Seek professional help soon.

•“Which way is the lamp of learning supposed to face”
Only Dr. Gresham knows. But I have a sneaking suspicion it points directly towards the location of the Holy Grail.

•“Stop hating george lucas”
Change starts with us! END LUCAS HATE!

•“I’m married and dont have a social life”
Well whose fault is that, big shooter? My advice is to make friends out of household items and possibly fruits. Your spouse will probably be against this. Ignore the opposition.

•“Dreaming seeing jumping frog on a pond”
I can honestly say that I have no idea how to respond to this. Maybe stop watching so much discovery/ animal planet before bed?