Best Campus Study Spots

Best Campus Study Spots

With midterms right around the corner, students are prepping and reviewing their course material learned thus far. With this, it can be extremely beneficial for these students to utilize study spots outside of their room to ensure that they are making the most out of these sessions and avoiding the many distractions that come from a college dorm room. SNU is filled with designated areas all throughout campus that are dedicated to this very purpose, along with many others where students have found their own personal success. 

Jamauri Johnson, a junior at the university, credits the second floor of the library for his success with studying and homework. Jamauri says, “In the back room of the second floor of the library, there are some privacy chairs that you can sit in right next to the door, and I love those.” When asked about how he feels a good study spot can help with academic success, such as the one he recommends, he said, “I feel like it helps me to lock in and really just put all my attention into my work. I have a hard time doing a lot of my work in my room. Just too many distractions and I can’t really focus.”

This is an area of campus that is nearly filled all throughout the day with students who love to do homework in a quiet and comfortable environment. The library is in the very center of campus, making the walk to it very manageable, no matter which dorm or campus building you are in beforehand. Its long hours of access until 12 a.m. on the weekdays also allows students to use it nearly anytime they’d like, making it very convenient for all types of schedules that students may be subject to. 

Jeremy Alcorn, another student at SNU, mentions both the Royce Brown building as well as the Crimson Corner in his list of favorite study spots. “In Royce Brown, there’s a room in the middle of the building with some couches, and hardly anyone is ever in there. It’s been one of my favorite spots to study because it really quiet and relaxed,” said Jeremy. “I’ve also started to study and do homework at the Crimson Corner as well when it’s not too crowded because the chairs are really comfortable and being outdoors gives me a different type of vibe that the buildings on campus can’t,” Jeremy adds.  

With so many different spots on campus to study, students have a variety of options to choose from on any given day. Whether it be one of the places mentioned by Jamauri and Jeremy, or another one, finding an effective study spot outside of your room can have great benefits and more positive results in terms of both productivity and material retention. 


Photo by Surface on Unsplash