Blue Beetle Reviews From Students

Blue Beetle Reviews From Students

DC has released its latest film, “Blue Beetle” and it is receiving high praise from
critics and movie fanatics alike. Although these films are typically less popular with fans in comparison to Marvel’s rich history of movies, “Blue Beetle” has turned the heads of many in a short span since coming to theatres. 

The movie released on August 18, 2023 and centers around Jaime Reyes, a young man who is suddenly placed in the middle of an action-packed adventure after finding ancient alien technology and being appointed as its “host.” The hero has been a part of the DC universe since 1939, but had yet to be given his own solo film, giving fans a sense of fresh air in a world where superhero movie sequels are so common. Although bringing in only 25.4 million dollars on its opening-weekend, which is considered disappointing in the film industry, the movie is receiving very positive reviews and many students of SNU would have to agree. 

Angel Ramirez, a student at the university, and self-proclaimed “movie expert,” couldn’t talk enough about the film, saying “I’ve never been into DC movies nearly as much as Marvel ones, but this one was different.” When asked to expand on what exactly he meant by this, Ramirez said, “It had lots of action and also lots of comedy, which you don’t normally see in DC movies. I’m probably going to see it again, and would definitely recommend others to do the same.” This type of response doesn’t come often from Ramirez when discussing movies and served as a prime example of the films high standing.

Aaron Fellows, another avid movie watcher and student at SNU gave very similar praise to the movie. Aaron watched the movie a week after it was released and said that he “wishes he would have watched it sooner.” After asking about his thoughts on the movie in comparison to his expectations, Fellows said, “It exceeded my expectations for sure,” adding, “I actually did not really expect to like it too much but was honestly surprised.” 

If the words of these SNU students are an accurate representation of the movie, it is one that everyone must see. Whether a fan of superhero movies or not, this film provides enough hints of action, comedy, and thrill that any watcher can get on board with. Buy a ticket, go watch Blue Beetle today, and you won’t be disappointed.


Photo by James Wainscoat on Unsplash