Bollywood Comes to SNU Again!

Bollywood Comes to SNU Again!

Bollywood will be coming to SNU for the second year in a row! The event will be held next Tuesday night, April 25, at 6 p.m. on Bracken Lawn. There will be a color festival, photobooth, henna tattoos, yummy Indian snacks, and dancing- all for free!

The event was a huge success last year, and everyone involved hopes it to be an even bigger hit this time. Jasmine Abraham — the speaker of the house for SNU theme Speak House, organizer of various events at SNU and of “Bollywood Comes to SNU”— says that “this year will be better than last year, with more activities, so come prepared!”

Last year, the event welcomed many students from other universities to perform traditional and popular dances. The event coordinators are excited to have many of these same students returning with more performances as well as with more people added to their teams.

There will also be more henna artists at the event as the demand last year was so high. Many of these artists are students from SNU and are voluntarily giving their time to help out for the event. The event will also be emceed by renowned Resident Advisor Thomas Cherian.

The event will be sponsored by the Multicultural Student Organization (MSO). Dianne Wade, a member of MSO, says “I think this is such a good event because it is so unique compared to other events at SNU.”

Jasmine hosted the event last year for the first time and was pleasantly surprised at the turn out. She is hoping that even more students will come out to the event this year.  

If you are feeling stressed with everything that you have going on or due, feel free to take a colorful study break and join MSO on April 25 at 6 p.m.! It will be a great time! For more details about the event, look at the facebook page here

A few tips and tricks for the event:


  1. Show up
  2. Wear cotton clothing
  3.  Apply moisturizer or oil to body
  4. Eat a lot of food & get Henna Tattoos
  5. Take a picture (or a few) at the photo booth with friends
  6. Watch some cool dances
  7. #ThrowColor
  8. #SprayWater

After all the fun:

Shake off all color possibly from clothes & wash off self with cold water.

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Jasmine Abraham, Guest Writer
Jasmine Abraham is a senior English major as well as the speaker of the house for SNU’s Speak House. She loves organizing events and learning about different cultures, so merging her own culture with an event was the perfect combo.[/author]