Broomball 2020 Recap

Broomball 2020 Recap

Broomball 2020 was a blast! Every year, several Southern Nazarene University students and faculty attend Broomball, which is a fun event and competition on ice. Many students enjoy competing and participating, but many others come just to watch and cheer on their friends. Broomball took place on Friday, September 25, at Arctic Edge Ice Arena in Edmond, Oklahoma. Students were required to have a ticket to get in, whether they were playing or watching.

Broomball is a tournament on ice where people try to score points by hitting a ball into the goal with a “broom.” There were several teams that consisted of about eight people each who competed in this year’s tournament. Each team was assigned a different color, and they received fun shirts to wear with their team’s color. 

Photo by Macey Hoffpauir

It was very chilly in the arena, so everyone made sure to bundle up and dress warmly. Students enjoyed free Krispy Kreme doughnuts and coffee, along with a hot chocolate bar! There was also a fun photo booth to take pictures at. Students who were not participating in the tournament and the teams who were waiting to play were able to watch on the stands and cheer everyone on. 

For the health and safety of all students and faculty, everyone was required to wear masks at the event. This helped to keep everyone safe both on and off-campus. It was fun to be able to have an event off-campus with health and safety remaining a top priority.

Cameron Skaggs, a sophomore at SNU, participated in Broomball this year and was a member of the blue team. His favorite part was “hanging out with friends on the team.” He also enjoyed “getting away from campus for a few hours to hang out and have fun.” 

Hannah Westrick, a sophomore at SNU, also played Broomball this year and was a member of the blue team. Her favorite part was “not falling, but watching everyone else fall.” One of her memories was getting hit by sticks and hitting the ball twice.” She would recommend attending Broomball because “it is a lot of fun! I didn’t do it last year and I wish I would have. It is also fun to watch if you do not want to play.” 

If you did not attend this year, you should definitely check it out next year! It is a great way to connect with other students and have fun off-campus!