Caffeine with a Cause

Caffeine with a Cause

As winter approaches and the upcoming time change looms, there is a need to find a beverage that can warm the body and wake the mind. For many people, coffee has become a necessity to jump-start their day.  Students at SNU are no different. Thus, the search for good local coffee establishments was born.

The goal was to not only find coffee that would give the required caffeine needed to make it through the mornings but also to find one that supports the local community. I found both in two different local coffee establishments. Both businesses provide coffee with a purpose.

During the search, two establishments were discovered near the campus. One business is a complete coffee shop that offers the usual amenities that one would expect. The other business is a coffee roaster and distributor that you can buy products to make at home or in the office. The bonus of both of these businesses is the fact that they both are Christian-based companies who help out various organizations.

Higher Grounds Coffee Shoppe and Bakery is located just over two miles from campus on N.W. 63rd. It features a full menu of coffee options, baked goods, and sandwiches throughout the day. The facility is equipped with laptop workstations, couches, comfortable chairs, a fireplace, relaxing music and an environment to enjoy during your visit. They also offer free Wi-Fi and a 10% student discount.

Higher Grounds Coffee Company states, “Our mission is to boldly speak the Word of God and to offer hope to all that we encounter… We strongly agree with the concept that ‘giving only’ to those in need can hurt more than it helps by potentially creating a culture of dependency and entitlement. However, we believe that if a person has a safe/dry place to call home, nutritious food and clean water, an appropriate education and a job, and a knowledge of the peace that comes through Jesus Christ, hope will be the end result. Hope changes everything!”

Inside Higher Grounds by a fireplace

SNU adult student Cadron Davis stated that Higher Grounds is “A welcoming Christian coffee shop down the street from SNU, with charm to match their great tasting coffee.”

When asked about his experience at Higher Grounds, SNU student Stephen Price replied, “They have great service with a loving atmosphere.”

Another coffee establishment to visit is Grounds 4 Compassion which is located on the corner of N.W. 36th St and Peniel Ave. It is a local roastery and distributor that specializes in ground coffee, espresso, and K-Cups. They offer free coffee to those that come in for a visit, even if a purchase is not made.

Grounds 4 Compassion highlights that “Grounds 4 Compassion was founded in 2011 not just because of our love for coffee, but also for our love for our fellow man.  At Grounds 4 Compassion, we don’t just provide excellent coffee, we are striving to provide a change in the regions around the world that bring us some of the best coffee.”

Your purchase at these two establishments supports more than the two local companies; Higher Grounds supports churches and Christian Preschools. Grounds 4 Compassion support multiple organizations such as S.T.O.R.M., The Children’s Center and True North.

If you are looking for a place to buy some coffee products or somewhere to hang out and relax, check out both of these local businesses. Not only will you get your caffeine fix, but your purchase also contributes to multiple charities and worthwhile causes around the world. This coffee is good for the soul.

For more information, visit the Higher Grounds website or the Grounds 4 Compassion website

(Picture courtesy of Charles Duck Unitas on Unsplash and Anthony Allford)