Classy Christmas: The When, Where, and Why You should Go to Class Christmas Parties

Classy Christmas: The When, Where, and Why You should Go to Class Christmas Parties

Halloween ends, Thanksgiving begins, and sometimes Christmas starts directly after either. Whether you are the Grinch or one of Santa’s elves, whether you scream “BA HUMBUG!” at the cold and holiday cheer or are all around a happier person because the city is illuminated with lights, whether you are soul who likes to savor each holiday or someone who listens to Christmas music in July, everyone needs to go to their class Christmas party. Here’s why:

–Original Poem by Sydney B.

All class parties will be December 8th starting at 7 pm. Locations vary depending on class.

While we’re all out our minds busy and stressed, our SGA representatives have been planning a night full of festivities to get away from all the madness for a few hours.

Hailee Thompson is the Freshman Class President. She is a lover of the movie Elf among other things and is excited to not only plan her first class Christmas party but to attend it as well. If she could skip one final, without a doubt, it would be Integrated Software Applications.

The Freshman Class Party will be held at Misty Jagger’s In-Laws house: 8109 Brownsville Lane, Bethany, Ok 73008. Wear your Christmas PJs and get ready to indulge in a night of endless hot chocolate, cookie decorating, and intense board games.

Brittany Jenkins is serving as the Sophomore Class President this year. Every Christmas, she and her mom watch A Mom for Christmas together. She cannot wait to

A couple of ding dongs
Photo by Sydney Jones

get her vocal and piano juries over with so she can go home and continue the special tradition. Her favorite Christmas class party memory from last year was seeing Josiah Evans, Gerald Manning, Parker Ross, and Bryton Schmitt show up in matching red, sleeveless turtlenecks.

The Sophomore Class Party will be held at the Devon Ice Rink. GET THIS: For the first 50, admission will be FREE. After that, students will be able to the pay the group rate of $9 vs. the normal $13.  There may also be hot cocoa pop-up shops around. What a better way to break the ice with people you don’t normally hang out with and enjoy downtown in December? If you do not have a ride, do not hesitate to ask!

Lewis Boatwright, the Junior Class President, like Hailee, proclaims Elf as his absolute favorite holiday movie. As far as finals go, he is speechless and would rather not talk about them.

The Junior Class Party will be hosted at Lewis’s House (2508 Edinburgh Dr. Edmond Ok 73013), and it is an opportunity to just chill. There will be soup from Panera, so free dinner! If you’re into construction (or cookies), the building of gingerbread houses will be an activity. If you think you know your Christmas stuff like the inside of your stocking, there will be Christmas Trivia for you. Additionally, if you ever wanted to sing karaoke, but were afraid how you’d sound, deaf karaoke is the solution for you.

Audrey Hamm is the Senior Class President and has an awesome night planned for her last class Christmas party. She’s a sucker for Roger and Hammerstein’s: White Christmas and would skip her Adult II Nursing final in a heartbeat if it were an option so she could home and tap her toe to the tunes of this Christmas classic with her family.

The Senior Class Party will be held at Higher Grounds. Free pizza and coffee will be provided. Let me say that one more time. FREE pizza AND coffee. Both literally and figuratively because at 7:30 a giant game of bingo will begin. Who knows, you might even get lucky!

There’s no reason for you not to go! Make memories with the people you’re only with for so long. Part of college is all about connecting with your peers. And if you’re not tired of each other by the end of your party, go see Christmas lights or go hang out at a coffee shop. Forget about finals for a few hours; reminisce and spread the joy of this season.

[author image=””]Sydney Jones, Staff Photographer

Sydney Jones is a Junior Mass Communication Major and Music Minor from the tiny, Texas town of Wellington. She is serving as a second year Resident advisor this school year. Though she has undergone some major growth since her Freshman year at SNU, she admits her slight infatuation with John Mayer and ice cream has never wavered. Sydney loves the Lord and her family immensely, and even though she is excited for the future, she admits she will never truly “want to grow up.”[/author]