Close Coffee: Grounds 4 Compassion

Close Coffee: Grounds 4 Compassion

Bethany, Oklahoma is the proud home of Grounds 4 Compassion Coffee Shop. In 2011, it was founded in the hope to improve the lives of people around the world and provide excellent tasting coffee. With a wide variety of coffee beans and roasting techniques, Grounds 4 Compassion has perfected the flavor qualities of their delicious coffees while positively changing the lives of people in need. They are open until 5 p.m. every weekday and they are located on Peniel Avenue and Northwest 36th Street.

Grounds 4 Compassion has a unique role in the coffee industry. They believe that agriculture is a vital part of life. It can provide the basics of life while creating jobs as well as improving the economy in the community.

Grounds 4 Compassion has coffee fields in Haiti, and they have been crucial to providing jobs and relief in the area. They provide jobs, meals, homes, schools and churches to people in need in Haiti. Grounds 4 Compassion believes that direct trade and fair trade with the countries that provide the coffee is beneficial to the community.

Grounds 4 Compassion’s vision is “to bring transformational change to people and communities in developing areas through job creation and skills training.” They also believe that a community that is centered on Jesus Christ is a community that will grow spiritually together for generations to come.

Many SNU students really love the coffee and the experience that Grounds 4 Compassion provides. Alina Scott, a sophomore at SNU, said, “I love coffee shops, but I have never been to one that cares about their products, customers and their mission statement as much as Grounds 4 Compassion does.”

Mike Vierow also has been to Grounds 4 Compassion and said that he would highly recommend it to anyone. He said, “They don’t have a menu because they can make absolutely anything, even non coffee based drinks.”

Grounds 4 Compassion is also praying about opening up a location in SNU’s Library. With the new renovations happening, SNU is in need of a coffee shop. Grounds 4 Compassion would be an excellent choice. Unlike Starbucks, Grounds 4 Compassion is a Christian non-profit organization that shares SNU’s Christian beliefs. Grounds 4 Compassion also has a higher quality of coffee beans and a wider variety of beans and blends.

If you have not tried Grounds 4 Compassion’s coffee yet, you need to put it on your to do list.


[author image=”″ ]Abby Felter, Director of Photography
Abby is a 5th generation SNUer and a sophomore from Olathe, Kansas who is studying history and Spanish. Abby plans to attend Oxford next summer, and to attend law school after she graduates from SNU. Abby is looking forward to contributing her photography skills and writing for the Echo.[/author]

  1. Great descriptive on this coffee and their heart Abby Felter!! You seriously made me want a cup for not only the taste, but for the opportunity to contribute to an organization with great vision and purpose! I seriously think Cars4Less should serve Grounds 4 Compassion. Can we work it out?