Clubs to Join on Campus

Clubs to Join on Campus

The Club Fair was just a few weeks ago, and it brought back some fan favorites but also some new ones. If you missed it, here is a recap and information to get you involved.

Clubs have been a great way for students to get involved and make new friends with students and peers who share the same interests and hobbies that they might otherwise never come in contact with. There are clubs for just about anything at SNU: a pickleball club, a board game club, a yearbook club, and even a Lego club.

One club that was introduced last year was the Chicken N’ Pickin club, sponsored by Blair Spindle. This is a club where students and a few staff members meet up once a week, enjoy some fried chicken, and hang out together playing string instruments, like the guitar and banjo. Grant McNew, a sophomore involved with Chicken N’ Picken, loves the club and enjoys the fellowship it brings on campus. “I like that whenever Chickin N’ Pickin gets together, everyone is there just to have a good time. Even if we aren’t all musicians, we still hang out and have fun with good food and good music.”

Some more athletic clubs are the Volleyball, Pickleball, Recreation, and Wrestling clubs, where students can get together just to hang out and play some competitive games without the hassle of intramurals.  

This year there are quite a few new additions, like the Wrestling club, Pre-Law club, Crochet, and Fiber Arts club. A new fan favorite is the Lego club, where students meet up to, well, build Legos.

Alice Rakley, the president of the Lego club, has a lot of fun ideas planned for the club, like a building contest to see who picks the first Lego set, and hopes the club can be a relief for students. “College can be very very stressful at times, and this is a really nice time to just decompress with all your friends and just build Legos with one another!!!”

Other clubs include the Anime club, Dungeons and Dragons club, and Campus Warriors club. Clubs are just now starting to meet, but it is okay if you did not make the club fair because you can still sign up! Contact our student president chair, Chase Matson through his email,, or in the Student Life Office if you want to make your own club.


Photo by SNU Creative