Dating on a dime

“I know what you’re thinking. All this is super cheesy, but trust me:
chicks dig cheesy.” (Photo by Kevin O’Mara used under Creative Commons license.)

By Macy Sliman, Staff Writer

Dating is a phenomenon that continues to baffle experts… and pretty much everyone else as well. It’s even more of a strenuous activity on a small campus community like SNU, nestled in this tiny town of Bethany.

What’s even more draining than the fact that it is over-thought is that it can also get rather pricey. In an effort to help out, here are some date ideas perfect for the evening out on a dime. Get ready to leave the cell phone on silent, have a great time taking your date out on the town and not break the bank.

The good thing about Bethany is the proximity it has to Oklahoma City, where there is always something to do. One of my favorite places to go when the weather is lovely is the Myriad Gardens. This is a 17-acre botanical garden in the middle of downtown on the southwest corner of Reno and Robinson, and there is no entrance fee.

Even if it’s a bit chilly, it’s a fun place to take a hot cup of Starbucks, slap on some warm clothes and just wander. There are pathways all around that make for a scenic walk and some tables are set up if you would like to bring a lunch along. Besides, cold weather is a great excuse for some cutesy cuddling. If you are feeling really edgy bring a blanket, settle out on the grass and watch a movie on your laptop.

After your pleasant walk around the garden or even for the less outdoorsy peeps out there, there is always Nonna’s restaurant on Bricktown. This charming little European grill has an outdoor patio that overlooks the canal. It’s a great place to get dessert and listen to the live bands that play there.

If you’re just feeling a movie kind of night, make it at the Winchester Drive-In Theater. This is an adorable drive-in Movie Theater on Western with just a six-dollar entry fee. If you have access to a truck, pile the back with as much fluffy stuff as you can: like mattress, blankets, pillows, anything for a comfy film watching time. Take some snacks and settle in for a unique movie experience with your girl. After the movie, take some back roads to where the city lights can’t be seen and go stargazing.

Now, fellas, I know what you’re thinking. All this stuff is super cheesy but trust me: chicks dig cheesy. They might say they don’t or they might not say anything at all but they do. Use some of these ideas, and you will get some good brownie points. Just take a chance, be cheesy and it’ll best the most fun you’ve had on a date on a dime.