Don’t Miss Out on Intramural Sports

Don’t Miss Out on Intramural Sports

Southern Nazarene University does an amazing job of giving students a great number of activities to participate in all year long. One of these activities would be the school’s intramurals, where SNU seeks to provide a wide variety of leagues, tournaments, and special events. The highlight of each semester consists of a match up against cross-town rival, Oklahoma Christian University. In the fall is an all-star football game, while the spring holds an all-star basketball game. 

Although it may sound a bit competitive and intimidating, the student body encourages all of those interested, no matter the skill level, to come out and enjoy at least one event. There is a chance to play just about anything, whether it be as a part of a team or as an individual. The fall sports consist of sports such as sand volleyball, co-ed slow pitch softball, flag football, pop-a-shot tournaments, ping pong tournaments, and trivia nights. The spring semester has just about the same sports line up, but adds the following: 5 v 5 basketball, futsal soccer, and a golf tournament. If being on a team is not for you, even getting the chance to go watch the intramural sports can be an enjoyable experience in and of itself. 

“The atmosphere the students and staff have here at Southern Nazarene makes all experiences fun, even from the sidelines,” said sophomore Westyn Smith. This is one of the many great things about intramural sports that make it worth being involved.

It is easy to stay involved and know when the next sport is happening by downloading the SNU Intramurals app on your phone. This allows you to know when your team is scheduled to play, who you are going to play, and even where each event will be located. It has many other features which make it easy to create a new team right from your phone. Not only can you use the SNU Intramurals app, but our student email is always sending out reminders on when to sign your team up for the next big event.

Intramural sports encourage sportsmanship, teamwork, cooperation, physical fitness, and student involvement. It gives you a great opportunity to meet new people, build relationships and have a nice little break from those late nights of homework that we all know we need. So the next time you see a new sport that you’re interested in playing, grab a few friends and join an intramural team!

Photo by Qing Zhang on Unsplash