Enactus: Empowering Students to Help Others

Enactus: Empowering Students to Help Others

Enactus is a business organization that empowers students to use the skills they learn in the classroom to make a difference in the lives of others.

Enactus stands for:

EN (trepreneurial): seeing an opportunity and acting on it for the good of others

ACT(ion): willing to do something and see it through, even when the outcomes are not guaranteed.

US: a group of individuals who see themselves connected to something in an important way

Enactus is sponsored out of the School of Business; however, students of any major can join the group. Enactus gives students the chance to take the theories and strategies they learn in classes and put them into practice in the marketplace in an experiential way.

“I have students tell me all the time they want more experience in the marketplace of what we’re learning in the classroom,” said Professor David O’Bannon, the faculty sponsor for Enactus. “And so, Enactus gives them that ability. Also, to actually  help and empower people. So, it’s generally through some type of compassionate ministry, or at least the projects we’ve decided to work on have been.”

Students in Enactus design a business plan to take care of a present need. After they have a business plan, they raise funds to complete the project through the use of various fundraising activities. Enactus does not currently have a budget from the school, which means the group is continually in a state of fundraising.

This year, Enactus would like to further help students graduating from Southern Africa Nazarene University in Swaziland become self-sustained. A project Enactus helped with several years ago was developing a business plan for a honey farm business at Manna Farms. This business allows students who graduate from the theology program to make money while serving God. Enactus would like to continue to help Manna Farms this year, as well as select another project from several other exciting opportunities.

In early 2012, Enactus team members, along with faculty advisor Prof. O’Bannon, raised funds for a computer lab for BFC’s After School Program. There were several other small projects in 2012, but this was the main project we focused on. Then, in 2013, the Enactus team was able to use these funds to buy tablets, computers, rocker chairs, desks, printers, and software to help the BFC After-School Program teach underprivileged children. Currently, 10-12 children at a time can practice their math, science, history and science skills at this program, while other students can learn how to program a robot. This computer lab is currently just for elementary school students, but once the Fred Floyd Center is renovated, Enactus would like to help make another lab for high school students.

The only problem is Enactus need more students involved! The more students involved, the better they can help our community and individuals around the world. Enactus needs website designers, graphic designers, marketers, individuals who are bilingual and anyone who has a great idea to join in. You don’t have to be a Business major to be a part of Enactus. Please pray about joining Enactus. You are not required to devote a lot of time, and the skills you gain while working in Enactus are invaluable in the workplace.

Please contact Kathleen Johnson, kathjohn@mail.snu.edu with any questions! The next meeting is Tuesday October 14th at 9pm in Royce Brown room 137 Even if you don’t want to be involved, follow our projects on Twitter @SNU_Enactu

[author image=”http://echo.snu.edu/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/DSC_0300.jpeg” ]Kathleen Johnson is a junior Business Administration major and the President of Enactus. She spends her limited spare time drinking coffee and reading.[/author]