Fall Fest Comes Back to Campus

Fall Fest Comes Back to Campus

Next week is Halloween, and with it comes a fun event for the town of Bethany: Fall Fest.

Fall Fest is an event held every year on Halloween by the student government, and this year the Community Relations team has taken charge of hosting this event. Fall Fest is not just exclusive to students at SNU but is geared towards the community of Bethany as well. 

Fall Fest will be held in the Snowbarger parking lot behind the Webster Commons, next to Crimson Corner. Students and faculty will get together and host a trunk or booth with a specific theme, similar to a Trunk or Treat, and pass out candy and gifts to all of the kids around the Bethany area. In addition to the Trunk or Treat, there are lots of yard games and extra activities that are set up around the area. This year, festivities will start at 6:00 p.m. and end around 7:30 p.m.

Lauren Force, a junior graphic design major, has been a part of Fall Fest in the past and enjoys it every year. She says, “It is such an innovative way to make Halloween a fun and safe environment for all ages. Everyone puts so much effort into setting up and having the event, that it is always a huge success and a lot of fun!”

Fall Fest is an opportunity for students to get together and serve the community with their friends and teammates. Students can choose to host a trunk with friends, but many sports teams also make the most out of Fall Fest and use the opportunity to draw closer together.

Emma Long, a member of the Community Relations team, believes Fall Fest is a great place for students to connect and make memories. “I think if students come and see what it’s all about, they’ll enjoy it. It’s just a good atmosphere to be in, and I would hate for anyone to miss out on it!” 

Fall Fest is a great chance to enjoy Halloween with friends and peers and to serve the children of Bethany. If you are interested in hosting a trunk, it is not too late to sign up! You can sign up in the Student Life Office on the first floor of the Commons, or use the QR code on the posters around campus. For more information, check the Storm Forecast sent to your inbox each week. 


Photo by SNU Creative